This is What Propaganda Looks Like

Russia Masses At Ukrainian Border, As “Sabre Rattling” Putin Prepares for War

This is what propaganda looks like. The US, EU and NATO overthrow the elected government of Ukraine in 2014 (after failed tries in the early 00′), arm right-wing Nazi-types, take over national gas companies in the country, plan to place anti-nuclear missiles 90 miles from Moscow, mass troops at the Polish border with Russia, call Putin “Hitler” and choke off the country economically.
And the US media discusses none of this. It simply fear mongers that Russia is out to take over the world and banks on Americans lack of grip on reality and their irrational fear of Russia to pull this all off.

P.S, this is Hillary Clinton’s game plan, not Trump’s. She is the one who has no problem putting Americans in danger for forgein interests and pointless global aggression.

When It’s Trump, US Senators Can Publicly Discuss Treason

Harry Reid: CIA Should Give Donald Trump ‘Fake Intelligence Briefings’

I know everyone hates Trump, but this shows the state of affairs when the most corrupt shithead in Congress can say this publicly and no one cares.

Trump responses by saying he’ll replace intelligence advisors are president, which anyone who paid attention to foreign policy for last decade would say is a good idea.

Even when Trump has a good idea, Its fucked. Because Trump. Americans will happily had over the presidency to the most corrupt group of people on the planet out of fear of the unknown.

Saudi Warplanes Bomb School in Northern Yemen

As points out, the Saudis don’t deny that at least 10 children were killed, only that the school was a Iranian training center. So like Israel in Gaza, the civilian deaths are just collateral damage and the fault of the someone else.

“They use civilian installations as the command and control centers of their organization,” he said. “Don’t focus on the technical details. This is a war. Collateral damage could happen, mistakes could happen. But we work in Yemen on behalf of the international community; we are in Yemen today because the fire is on our border. If we do nothing today, tomorrow all the area will be a failed state.”

This quote comes from Maj. General Ahmed Asseri, the spokesman for the coalition in the New York Times.

A great piece of news to read before dinner. That quote is the words of a madman, thinking he is involved in a war supported by the international community. For any readers who do not know, most Saudi airstrikes are coordinated with the United States.

Reaction to Reading The 28 Pages

My immediate reaction to reading the 28 pages from the Joint Inquiry on 9/11 is:


Now we have proof that members of the Saudi family & government funded the hyjackers in some way.

Americans should at least have the blind patriotism to come together against this regime. Right now our government is funding and providing military assistance to the Saudis in their “war” in Yemen. Complete with laser-pointed bomb strikes and billions in arms including cluster bombs.

For anyone who has no history in 9/11 back story, Prince Bandar (or “Bandar Bush”, the Saudi Ambassador to the US, was always friendly with GW (Google Images) and he is mentioned in thsee documents. More importantly still his wife is mentioned. Funneling money to a wife a person who provided on the ground support to hyjackers. 

Nice. The Reality of the Horror is Setting In

​The violence will not stop until the world acknowledges the cause. Not part of the cause, not the scapegoat. The root cause. Imperalism, globalism, the slow building radicalization and reaction to it. It is a historical reccurence, magnified in our era by the size, scope and techology around it.

Thoughts with the people of France. But thoughts only go so far.

Campaign Zero Is a Great Idea. Disrupting People’s Lives Is Not the Way to Accomplish It.

If this is the actual campaign and goals of BLM, I see no issue. My issue is with the disruptive protests that are targeted at everyday people. If you want your fellow citizens to join in your effort, spread your message with the facts and do it effectively. Go to community meetings, don’t disrupt one.

I Checked My Privilege. Now What?

Okay, I have checked my white privilege. Right now, just did it. Did I fix police brutality? White people don’t even stand up in mass when cops shoot a white kid and doesn’t go to jail. Why the constant guilt trip? What does this all actually accomplish? Does this movement actually believe if “White America” acknowledges the shitty way African Americans are treated by some cops in this country something will change? Will it stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president and continue to throw scores of young black men in prison? Will it end the Drug War? Will it stop Southside violence?

Instead of wasting energy guilt tripping people, educate yourselves about who the actual problem is. It’s not the everyday person who is too busy to march in the streets.

So we divide ourselves while the same damn losers stay in office feeding us soundbites we want to hear and then continue to violate our rights, devalue our money, create enemies for us abroad and destroy our standard of living?

Blame the Shooters. Stand Together. Demand Accountability.

Blame for last night’s events falls squarely on the shooters. I already see collectivism bubbling to the surface. Anyone who questions cops will get shit. “Black America” will get shit if the shooters are black. Gun owners will get shit. Not to mention the scum that will come out of the woodwork use this for their political or society “cause”.

If anything else should get blame it should be mindless social media “movements” based on blind emotion with zero plan to reach it’s goal. Social media is as dangerous as it is amazing in it’s spread of ideas and information 

We should all (officers included) turn our concern to our neighbors and maybe also have a honest discussion about how police have become an occupying force to some areas of our country. The training, mandate, and actual role of the police has systematic changed. And the individual officers are not to blame.

The police should be a part of the community, not apart from it. Officers and the people they are sworn to serve need to stand up and refuse to continue down the path we’ve all been forced down.

All Sides of the Police Brutality Debate Are Useless

Liberals, most white people know cops shoot black people more often and with less reason then they do white people. Generally. We don’t need to keep being guilt tripped about it. What would you like white people to do? The cops have guns and the power structure on their side. Maybe instead of spending half your time trying to disarm everyone, and the other half telling us cops are a danger who wield too much power (and guns), you could, I don’t know, not vote for Hillary Clinton and try to bring people together by not being asshats in the way you “debate” issues.

Conservatives, when will you stop defending every cop in every shooting of a black person and instead able your arguement for the 2nd Amendment to them also?

Seems like nothing changes but social media posts.

Accountability only come about when a majority of people start being honest, stop being hypocrites, and debate important subjects for reasons other than social brown points.

“At Least She Isn’t Trump”

Watching Trump speak all I kept thinking is his lack of a foreign policy is still less George W Bush-like than Hillary Clinton. The Democrat. Who “sensible” people will vote for. Literally wants to repeat the Iraq War in Syria. Still. Even after ISIS. Still wants to overthrow the secular government. Still wants to surround Russia and place more missiles in Eastern Europe.

Stay Home America 2016