Episode: The Empire Marches On


As America fell into a state of hysteria the last week over the events in Charlottesville, the US imperial machine marched on. I get back to my roots in this episode. I speak briefly about the ouster of Steve Bannon and how that effects policy on Afghanistan. I hit on the literal fist fight at the top of world between India & China, Korean deescalation, the Saudi Crown Prince and I even give some reading recommendations.

NATO expansion continues in Europe, as the US Navy has decided to build bases in Ukraine and Moldova, showing America’s arrogance.

This week’s topics include:

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Steemit Is My Sanctuary from the Madness of Social Media


I have been unhealthy in my passion for politics, history and geopolitical news since I read “Revolution: A Manifesto” by Ron Paul in 2007. My interest in history went back long before that, but I entered into the political realm with that election cycle. I took in any knowledge I could, trying to build a wealth of understanding of who the players were, how it worked, and what the correct view of it all was. I fell in love in libertarianism by reading Paul, Schiff, Woods and Murphy. Eventually moving on to the Jedi masters, Mises and Rothbard.

With the election of Barack Obama, I saw this has an opportunity to follow closely the first elected president in my post-college life. I would point out his errors, things I disagree with, actions he took that fell outside his promised goals. This was the way political involvement works right? When you pass your knowledge onto others and maybe fill them in on news they were unaware of, they say “thank you” and expand their own base of knowledge.

I was young and naive.

As time went on, I learned the truth. Politics is a sport of teams. It’s dominated by the emotional masses, feeding into the lies of their team leaders. Acknowledging their leaders are liars, but that they’re THEIR liars.

Moving into Obama’s second term, after watching him ignore the promises he made to his base, I was still confused why so many otherwise rational humans I knew could still support him. Not over another politician, but that they supported him at all. I never understood that from the beginning of my time in the arena. I had made a deal with Ron Paul from the moment I read his first book. “You turn your back on these principles, we’re done”. I think most of his supporters made this same deal, which was why he had a movement in the first place. I couldn’t understand why others never made the same deal with their political leaders.

As Obama moved on to drone killings of Americans, the NDAA, arresting whistle blowers, lying about Obamacare, feeding the racial divide, I still had some hope people would come around. I mean, you had the Occupy Movement. But that was quickly discovered to be a useless movement, as they forget to direct their anger at the Federal Reserve, instead asking the governmental banking structure of help.

With 2016 coming into view, I jumped behind Rand Paul. I immediately started to see the writing on the wall though. The intellectualism behind his father’s movement wasn’t there. Compromises of principle were already being made, playing into the game of politics became the strategy of his campaign.

Around this time the social media platform for political news and thought exploded. Youtube shows spanning the political spectrum sprung up with popularity, and everyone moved to their selective corners. Teams were molded, dogmatic loyalty became the politics of the day. Discussion and disagreement turned into emotional pleas and screaming.

The media had fed the left a steady diet of “Anti-Obama = Racist”, and they believed it. So when the right and actual progressives on the left dared to put up candidates of their own, they were shocked that racists still had a platform.

These “racists” began playing their game, getting behind their own liar and created their own buzzwords, pushing intellectual thought and debate to the internet. Making it almost impossible to reel the masses back in, the small minority of still rational actors found each other on the edges of social media and hung on tight.

This is where we are today. Where everyone is a “Nazi”, everyone is a “Communist”.

Pointing out nuance, or more importantly, pointing out hypocrisy is completed ignored. Only in this culture can John McCain get praise for “denouncing Nazis”, while supporting Nazis in Ukraine. When presented with this fact, no rebuttal is heard.

The list of people considered “alt-right” today is breathtaking:

  • Joe Rogan
  • Dave Rubin
  • Tim Pool
  • Glenn Greenwald

Anyone who wants to discuss the dogma of the left is on the right. This parroted in the media, in entertainment, by the establishment political structure. Members of the left and the right that wish to have discussion find themselves on the same side now. Fighting to get their message out.

I have recently been beaten down by this force of anti-intellectualism on social media. It’s nothing new for me, but my last straw has been reached. I can no longer post a thought or an article without a shallow comment from someone, repeating some half-truth mixed with a hint of moral superiority.

I have no issue with moral superiority, if you actual have consistent moral values. But getting high-fives for virtue signalling something as elementary as “racism is bad” while never looking inward to all the immorality you support is tiresome to combat.

So to sum up, THANK YOU STEEMIT for a platform of rational human beings with the mental capacity and intrigue to allow polite discussion.

Man Arrested In Plot To Blow Up Oklahoma Bank, Had Considered Federal Reserve Building

“This arrest is the culmination of a long-term domestic terrorism investigation involving an undercover operation, during which Varnell had been monitored closely for months as the alleged bomb plot developed,” federal prosecutors said in a statement. “The device was actually inert, and the public was not in danger.

Prosecutors said that during the investigation an undercover agent had posed as a co-conspirator and agreed to help Varnell build what he believed was a 1,000-pound (454 kg) explosive.”

Just like they do with “Muslim terrorists”. Help create the threat, then pretend to be the heroes. Easy way to create fear of a certain group or ideology with the public.

“The Terror Factory” by Trevor Aaronson is a great book chronicling the FBI’s sting (entrapment) program since 9/11, justifying their “terror war” budget.

Original source.

Episode: My Reaction to the Reaction of Charlottesville & The American Coup Factory


I recorded this episode in the dead of night this past Saturday. I react to the tragedy in Charlottesville, and my reaction to the reaction to it. The virtue signaling was in full effect. If you didn’t hate Nazis enough for social media’s liking, not only were you a piece of shit, you were probably a Nazi yourself.

I also break down an article by Nick Turse over at TomDispatch.com. Turse exposes the United States government’s programs in which future leaders of foreign coups are created, to be activated whenever the Pentagon decides a country needs a change.

The episode can be found here
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The Voluntary Exchange Podcast: The United States of Hysteria


In this episode I let my emotions get the best of me. The reaction to Google firing, Trump being blamed for North Korea and my divorce with Facebook are the topics of the week. The anti-intellectual wave on all sides of the political spectrum has created an environment where anyone that wants to have more than a surface discussion about a topic would rather walk away from such opportunities. I have come to that point. In this episode I lay out my frustration with the inability to “get through” to people, and my new tactics moving forward.

Find the episode here and on ITunes. The full podcast page can be found here.

Google Firing: The Reaction is the Story


As I write this, I’m listening to an interview being carried out by Jordan Peterson with James Damore, the recent Google employee who was fired after posting a 10 page internal memo at Google, stating is issues with the “echo chamber” of ideology at company.

Why Damore was fired is interesting. It wasn’t fired for posting an internal memo criticizing the business practices of the company he works for, which I would actually see as a firing offense and wouldn’t have much problem with it. He was fired for “promoting gender stereotypes”.

This is where it gets frustrating for me. So really, Google just fired a guy for “social brownie points”. I say that simply because the memo isn’t that radical. I’m not an expert on psychology or gender, but Dr. Peterson is. When you’re listening to a Jedi Master of these subjects go through the full memo and point out that the SCIENCE Damore uses to make his points is sound as fuck, the normal reaction for any person using logic and trying to come to a rational conclusion leans towards the view that Google overrated.

This has not been the case for most of the people or media outlets I’ve read discussing the subject. They are all quick to denounce Damore, calling him a “bigot”, “misogynist”, and of course, “racist”. He is simply a white male with “conservative” views. He should be silenced and cast out. Why? Because his memo hurt feelings. It hurt feelings of individuals who do not wish to discuss an issue, or even research it. They refuse to acknowledge another side of an argument, denying facts and truth along the way.

The problem with this is they are winning. The silence majority is speaking out more, but this minority of ultra-PC progressives are winning. They are in high positions in media, business, government and culture. This trickles down to the everyday American, who just wants to “fit in” and be invited to the next bar crawl. They don’t want to be the annoying loser that wants to have real dialog about a subject. Usually a subject brought up at the bar by someone else, who makes a quick comment that is greeted with nods from everyone around them. Again, fitting in is important. I don’t dispute that. But who are you fitting in with? Where is it appropriate to think for yourself? I personally think that is all the time, but groupthink and acceptance are powerful drugs.

As this story unfolds, we see that the author actually had more support for opening up this discussion than was originally reported. Of course this is the case. The speed at which he was denounced is also not a shock.

I don’t see myself as a very conservative person. I just happen to also not be surface oriented person either. In terms of these political/social issues, I continually find myself on the opposite side of thing than most of the people in my life. Maybe not even on the other side of the debate, but distanced from them in the way I react. The blind emotion and shunning of any viewpoint outside the dogma is scary to see. As someone who fears groupthink because of my libertarian principles in general, reactions to stories like this continue to baffle me.

EDIT: I’d also like to add the denial of science here, and the hypocrisy of the same group who screams at anyone that doesn’t believe that Climate Change is “settled science”. Seems like a new thing in 2017, selective use of science as a basis of your argument….

Episode: Sanctions, What Are They Good For?


In this episode, I discuss sanctions and how they are sold to the general public. The recent sanctions placed on Russia (Trump’s trade war with China) are just the latest imperialist move from the United States Government….allies & common man be damned. I also touch on the US public’s rejection of the “Anti-Boycott Israel Act” and the continued selective outrage from the left in terms of the Trump presidency.

Image Source


Russian PM: “The U.S. Just Declared Full-Scale Trade War On Russia”
Collateral Damage
69% Oppose AIPAC’s ‘Israel Anti-Boycott Act’
Trump Says U.S. ‘Losing’ Afghan War in Tense Meeting With Generals
Trump To Launch Trade War With China On Friday, Beijing Vows Retaliation
Trump: “Thank Congress That US-Russia Relations Are At All-Time And Dangerous Lows”
FOIA Dump Reveals Collusion Between Lynch, FBI And Media To Bury Bill Clinton Meeting
How Russia Could Strike at the US in 5 Simple Maps

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Episode: Billy and The Boys

In this episode, I update you on India-China, North Korea and ask why no one on Facebook is sharing videos from Mosul, Iraq. I get domestic and discuss healthcare, Rand Paul’s good week, and the trans-ban.

episode link


China Adds Troops To India Border, Will Defend Sovereignty At “Whatever Cost”
Why Is the World Not Outraged at Mass Civilian Death in Mosul?
North Korea claims all of U.S. in strike range as Trump says China has done “nothing”
One in every 45 people in Yemen is expected to contract cholera, Red Cross says
Thousands of worshippers surge into Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa mosque, 113 injured
Rand Paul Blocks DOD Authorization Until September
White House Sacks Top Iran Hawk Amid Ongoing Disagreements

The Healthcare Debate Shows the Cult-like Trust in Government

So the bill does 6 things. 4 of which cut government control and lower taxes, bringing prices and costs down. 1 expands savings accounts, something that Americans should use but won’t because they can’t be self-reliant I guess. And 1 that is a political football that will never drop.

First comment? “You’re evil”.

I’m sorry, but if NOT forcing you to buy something, lowering your employers financial burden so you might get more of your pay check and hiring can expand, while also getting rid of another tax 98% of the ppl bitching don’t even understand, and cutting regulation on what states are forced to comply with is all “evil” to the point of coming this bill to death….then your views on government are stuck somewhere between 3rd and 5th grade.

Please Washington. Just take my money, kill jobs and tell me what to do. I’m a good American.

What type of economics lesson has to be arranged for some people to understand that when you take money from productive people, put others out of work, limit competition, regulate/contract what is allowed to be sold….costs go up?

Everyone is screaming about the costs and availability of healthcare, while screaming for more actions that continue this trend.

The faith in government (which is just filled with people) and the lack of faith in the market (which is filled with people) borders on religion.

Bleeding Heart Americans Remember Aleppo, Clueless About Mosul

Remember when Facebook was filled with bleeding hearts sharing videos of the horrors being carried out by Russian-backed Assad forced in Aleppo, Syria?

Well, Barack Obama and Donald Trump did the same thing in Mosul, Iraq through US-backed Iraqi government forces. 
This is from an article over at Middle East Eye:

Over the last week, armoured bulldozers have trundled back and forth over the crumpled houses, grinding uncounted corpses into the rubble.

But the dead refuse to go away. Rotting body parts glow a reddish-brown amid the pale grey of the undulating heatscape of masonry, dust and broken buildings.

“There are many civilians among the bodies,” an Iraqi army major tells MEE. “After liberation was announced, the order was given to kill anything or anyone that moved.”

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the major says the orders were wrong, but the military had to follow them.

“It was not the right thing to do,” he says. “Most of the Daesh fighters surrendered. They gave themselves up, and we just killed them.”

Anyone? I know it’s not on CNN….