Kazakhstan Government Prepares for Blowback of Currency Devaluation

A picture is worth a thousand words (or devalued currency notes). Americans should take a lesson from this situation. When the endless spending and central control of a currency by the State tanks (no pun intended), this is the result. Historically, the devaluation of a currency is the most cryptic way to destroy a society and the lives of the individuals who are forced to use the State’s currency. This is why central banking (planning) can’t be trusted, and the failures that come with it are so predictable.

This great mini- documentary from Bloomberg explains what I talked about above. In Europe, the central planning is so out of control, the State’s grip on the financial futures of 17 nations full of free citizens is causing the discontent we see in the streets. What we see is not Capitalism, it is State sponsored robbery. Nothing shocking for an entity that exsists purely on theft.

Documentary found at Zerohedge.


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