Eastern Ukrainian Revolt

The Eastern Ukrainians are revolting against the new Pro-EU government already. Pictures include, why burning the American flag of course. The coastal region of Crimea is mostly of Russian decedent. I will include a map below that helps show the native language of the Ukrainian population (from the 2001 census). Moving forward, I believe the timeline of events in this country will loosely follow those of Egypt, but on a much bigger scale. The two major world powers are deeply involved in the future of this land mass. There will need to be a “two-state solution” to satisfy the populations on the ground. However, I believe that neither outside power will accept just 50% of the Ukrainian property lines.

The oil and gas pipelines are too important to the economics of both Russia & the EU/USA. Also, the southern part of Ukraine covers the northern coastline of the Black Sea, another strategic area that the Russian will not give up to the EU. The region of Crimea was part of Russia until 1954.

The Western media will play this situation off as if it has been completely contained. Where nothing could be further from the truth.

I’ll post this great write-up from over on Zerohedge explaining the history of Ukraine from a Russian perspective. Some notes:

 “Russia and Ukraine have deep historical links dating back to the Kievan Rus, from whom the very word “Russia” emerges”

“Putin had told President George W. Bush: “You understand, George, that Ukraine isn’t even a state.”

The economy of the Ukraine is also polarized. Most of the actual wealth is held in Kiev, and the pro-Russian eastern “bloc”. The EU will need to provide an “aid” package to the struggling country. We could see a civil war within the government halls of this country, as the poor Western-influenced government tries to take control of the wealth held in the East (American Civil War anybody?)


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