Ukraine Update

The Russians are moving into the Crimea area of the country to stake their claim. This picture found on Twitter show armored personnel carriers driving down the main square of the port city of Sevastopol.
According to the Guardian, the newly installed mayor of the city is very pro-Russian. We are seeing the beginnings of a slow moving standoff between the East and the West.
The newly installed government is accepting a loan from the IMF and hiring a new central bank chair. In response, there have been bank runs in the country. The reason I say “in response” is because most of the runs are taking place in the Eastern part of the country. A little bit of a currency battle between the European central bank owned EU and the Russians.
It doesn’t end there. Calling the Russians move, the new government in Kiev has axed oil imports from Russian 80%. Economic warfare always leads to the most brutal “hot wars” if not contained.
Let’s watch this all develop and see where the US moves in.

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