Russians Place Ship in Havana. Cold War Tensions.

Russian spy warship docked in Havana without explanation. The Russians are responding to the US/West movements in their backyard. The United States has decided to install Oleksandr Turchynov as the acting Ukrainian president, along with Arseniy Yatsenyuk as the prime minister. Yatsenyuk has served as prime minister once before, prior to Yanukovych taking power. Yatsenyuk was also the economic minister at the time, an important position to have on your resume when the IMF & US are about to bailout your economy to the tune of $35 billion and the government has decided to fight a natural gas war with the Russians.

The EU/UN/NATO interests have officially moved into historically Russian territory. The Ukraine is split down the middle, with the pro-European west taking power in Kiev. Forces in the west have begun to take over military bases and destroying Lenin statues along the way. I support the self-determination of the Ukrainian people. But in my opinion this is only truly possible with two states. The western part of the nation was given to the USSR by HITLER during WWII (it was formerly part of Poland).

The Eastern part of the country is culturally, historically and politically…Russian. We are seeing the reemergence of cold war tensions that really only took a break for two decades. As one of my favorite podcast hosts Dan Carlin points out, during that “break” the EU/UN/NATO countries have moved their influence closer and closer to the Russian sphere of influence. They have done it from the West, they have done it from the South also.

The Russian movements today do not stop at just the port of Havana. In the southern part of the Ukraine, the Russians have their Black Sea naval fleet stationed at Sevastopol until 2042. The Crimea region of the Ukraine is largely supportive of Russia and the recently removed president Viktor Yanukovich. This morning, “armed men” took control of the regional parliament building in the Crimean city of Simferpol. They raised the Russian flag. Reports indicate that these men spoke Russian and were ethnic Russians. In my mind, if they are actual Crimean-Russians, they have more say in the affairs of Crimea than Moscow or Kiev. I support all secession movements.

The ousted ex-president reportedly has arrived in Russia on Wednesday night and is under their protection. Russian fighter jets are now patrolling its border, adding to the 150,000 troops mobilized earlier this week by Putin in what he calls a “military exercise”. Tensions have reached a new high with the development of the Russian ships off the coast of the United States.

I will provide some perspective in form of two maps below showing the gas pipelines that run through the Ukraine, along with the split between the country’s Polish/Ukrainian/Tatar West and its Russian East.

The below map is all I need to convince myself that there should be two different states here. Direct Democracy doesn’t work. When a land mass this large (with a population this big) is this conflicted during an election, any reasonable person was at least entertain the thought of smaller states. But don’t tell that to a Statist. They believe something this large can be centralized and controlled. It was this type of ideology that created the Ukraine in the first place. It is this type of ideology that gives the UN/EU/NATO interests the “moral” argument that it should expand its influence eastward. This is the Statist ideal. The “World Government” ideal. I subscript to the opposite. That every single individual is free and any organization should be as local as possible. Free trade between regions, countries and ethnic groups is Capitalism at its purest. When a virus created through force and run by stealing property, uses trade to control populations and land-masses, this is Fascism.

The Ukrainian struggle shows us two (of the three) major Fascist powers on Earth battling over a strategic land mass. A region that has been fought over, split up, spit out and repeated throughout history.






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