Ukraine Update 2.0

According to Bloomberg, US officials announced that over six thousand Russian troops have almost fully taken control of Crimea. Over at ZeroHedge, we can find an updated map of troop movements within the region.

Throughout the day today, a yelling match between Ukrainian military officials and Moscow. It was reported earlier that Russia had given the new government in Kiev an “ultimatum” . Requesting that all Ukrainian military forces in Crimea by 5AM Tuesday, the Russian seemed to pushed tensions forward forcing U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to open his mouth. Kerry denounced the threat and went on to talk about Russian “aggressive”, ignoring the fact most Russian-Ukrainians haven’t put up much of fight (along with most Ukrainian forces in the region switching loyalties).

There was also a statement from Russian Prime Minister Medvedev on Ukraine. Everything he says here is correct. The pro-West regime that is now in power, took power illegally against the Constitution. They did so a few months before scheduled elections. The Pro-West side of this situation (and its NATO/EU backing) is in the wrong here. You can’t just overthrow an elected government and then act like you have the moral high ground.

I’d like to wrap up today with an excellent opinion piece from David Stockman over at Contra Corner about the history of the Ukraine going back to the days of Catherine the Great of Russia. Perspective is important. America and its allies like to through out “red lines” in terms of how far they will allow a situation go before they intervene. Well, Stockman makes the point that NATO’s decade(s) long plan to chip away at Russian influence has reached the Russian “red line”. The piece can be found here.



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