So US Interests do want the Revolution in Venezuela to succeed. (Per TheIntercept)

That awkward moment when Glenn Greenwald’s media outlet calls out an American think-tank and the Washington Post of pushing U.S. interests in Venezuela. But remember folks, the US isn’t involved.

‘“The piece continues in a similarly effusive manner throughout; but what’s most interesting about it are the sources which the authors choose to cite as impartial experts. Not only do they appear hostile to the Venezuelan government and supportive of the opposition, they also appear to have serious, unstated conflicts of interest that cast doubt on the integrity of the Washington Post‘s entire reportage on this issue….

…At one point, the article quotes Michael Shifter “president of Inter-American Dialogue

….What the authors failed to explain is that the Inter-American Dialogue is a think-tank whose members happen to include several officials from Venezuela’s previous government – the same one deposed by Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian Revolution. Even more distressingly, the Dialogue counts among its funders organizations such as Exxon Mobil, Chevron, the U.S. government through USAID, and the embassies of Canada, Mexico and Guatemala among others….

 ….a 2006 diplomatic cable revealed by WikiLeaks uncovered the fact that U.S. officials were planning to implement a  to undermine the Chavez government, specifically using USAID as a means to accomplish this….

..That USAID also happens to be a prime funder of the Inter-American Dialogue raises some serious questions about its unstated mission in the country….”



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