Students for Liberty Sides with Rand not Ron Over Crimea

I guess this kid just watched the VICE coverage of Crimea. Ron’s views come from an ‘America First’ mentality. Not the business of the US government to take a side.

I guess Students for Liberty doesn’t speak for libertarians either. Since they back Rand Paul’s stance. Which includes sanctions placed on Russians by the US government.

To ignore the 20 years of NATO’s advance towards Russia (a policy backed by such libertarians as Dick Cheney) is simplistic. To point to Putin as the only bad guy in this situation, and ignore the facts behind the US push to overthrow the regime (for the 2nd time) is simplistic.

This is Rand Paul’s stance. A stance of a man trying to win the Republican nomination and presidency. I dont fault him for this stance.

But I find it ironic that Students for Liberty would say Ron doesn’t speak for libertarians,  when they guy they side with doesn’t have a libertarian stance.

I guess this is just another chapter in the “Beltway Effect” on the Liberty Movement.


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