Things Escalate in Eastern Ukraine.

“Anti-government” protesters on an air field in the eastern Ukrainian town of Kramatorsk were fired upon (or fired at) by Ukrainian troops with the “assistance of armored vehicles” Russia Today is reporting.

This situation is still developing and difficult to provide an opinion on. But with the head of CIA being in Kiev this past weekend, things seems to be getting out of control. This could lead to an all-out civil war between the NATO-backed regime in Kiev and the Moscow backed “protesters” in the Eastern Ukraine.

Some of the reports are still being denied or not commented on by governments on both sides. Reports of Su-27 fighter jets have opened fire on the “anti-government”, “pro-Russian” protesters on the airfield ground. Zerohedge has a video up on a Su-27 fighter jet over the town of Kramatorsk.

As of now the source of the fighter jets are unidentified, the website Itar-Tass  is reporting that the airfield has been seized by the Ukrainian army. The Ukrainian National Guard was ordered with taking control of the city. Witnesses on the ground have reported that one jet has been shot down by 40-50 protesters on the ground.

Zerohedge is doing a good job of supplying updates on the situation. I’m sure Twitter will also be a good place to go for breaking news.

The articles over at Russia Today are front page there, but links are here and here.

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