Hours After Geneva Meeting, The West Escalates It’s “De-escalation”  

The Foreign Minister of Ukraine stated just minutes after the meeting was over that the military operations in the southeast of the country would continue and the troops “can remain where they are”. Other than this statement, all signs points to come cooperation between the two sides involved. The West and Ukraine are looking for any “de-escalation” from Russia. Of course, in typical imperial style, the US and its allies under the banner of NATO announced this gem:

NATO Sending 5 Ships to Baltic Sea Due to Ukraine Crisis

 NATO members are sending part navy ships to the Baltic Sea to increase the security of the alliance’s eastern European allies in response to the Ukraine crisis. NATO’s Maritime Command said Thursday it is sending four minesweepers and a support vessel to the Baltic Sea. The ships are from Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium and Estonia. The alliance said Thursday it does not intend to escalate the situation in Ukraine, but rather to “demonstrate solidarity” and ramp up NATO’s readiness. NATO has made clear it does not want to get involved militarily in Ukraine, which is not a NATO member.

War is peace.



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