Left and Right Media Join Forces to Denounce Harry Reid/Bundy Story

Good to see the Left and the Right teaming up to lie about Harry Reid’s involvement in the Bundy situation.

The BLM documents are on line. I linked to them. So did thousands of other blogs.

The media on both sides posts pictures of the southern tip of the project and uses this as “prove” the project is on different land. The project is over a hundred miles long.

The funny part is, no one covering thr story ever said that the solar project would be going onto the land used by Bundy. What was pointed out was that that land would be used to “offset” the environmentally destruction of the land the solar project WOULD be one.

Either way, the land was given away from underneath the ranchers.  Their rights were violated for a government hand out to big business. Chinese big business.

Sadly, environmental blogs have picked up the narrative from the Left and Right (Glenn Beck). These blogs even admit that the land is question is “just” being used to offset a carbon footprint. Which they see as “good” and the way it should be.

They ignore, or more likely, don’t understand property rights. They live under the illusion that federal land was taken legally and it’s a PRIVILEGE for Americans to use this land.

Again, looks like I find myself on the side of the internet informed and Alex Jones.


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