Obama’s Trip to Asia to Shore Up Military of Allies Dealing With Chinese Buildup

President Obama will be visiting four Asian countries this week to help build relationships. These nations are all involved with territorial disputes with China. Obama arrived in Japan yesterday, with the remaining trip involving days in South Korea, Malaysia and the Philippines.


                “Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia are among the countries disputing China’s expansive claim to the South China Sea and its energy resources, while the Philippines last month filed a complaint against China with an international arbitration panel.

China and South Korea also have tussled over rights to a submerged formation that China calls the Suyan Rock and South Korea knows as the Ieodo.”


While in the Philippines on the 28th, Obama will speak to the government in Manila about an already-drafted agreement for expanding “American access to Filipino bases”. Obama’s visit to the Philippines is not being welcomed by all. As reported by The Drudge Report, “left-wing” protestors in the Philippines are up in arms over Obama’s reason for his trip to their country.


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