US Forces Might Have Killed Senior Al-Qaeda Bomer in Yemen

The only confirmation we really have is that of a dog , so what do we really know? And was the deaths of up to 50 other Yemeni civilians worth the suspected death of a “bad guy”?

 Ibrahim al-Asiri, the alleged mastermind of the 2009 underwear bomb attempt was the target of the raid by US Navy SEALs, who reportedly ambushed him in Yemen as he was traveling in a four-by-four vehicle somewhere near the town of al-Bayna yesterday.

 Witnesses said the SEALs pelted al-Asiri’s car with bullets and that while the men inside the vehicle tried to return fire, they were no match for their ambushers. Sniffer dogs were reportedly used to identify al-Asiri, considered to be a high value target. The troops who killed al-Asiri are believed to have come from a secret US drone base in Saudi Arabia. US drone strikes reportedly killed more than 50 militants in Yemen over the weekend, in addition to the ambush on April 21. 



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