US To Send 600 Troops to Eastern Europe

The US will send 600 ground troops to four eastern European nations. The troops will be split between Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to help the nations deal with the threat of “Russian aggression” in the region. The NATO allies seem to be upset over the small amount of troops sent. For example, Poland wants up to 10,000 troops from NATO. I’m sure most of those will be American.

Of course no state officials from any country have asked everyday Americans if we want our men and women sent to Poland after just getting home from the Middle East. But fuck us right? This is NATO we’re talking about though. An out of date treaty that trumps the sovereignty of each individual within its member states. The foreign policy hawks within the Washington establishment in both parties loves to use NATO as it’s tool of empire building.

 I find this movement of troops without Congressional approval distasteful, but I find the arrogance of the allied European nations asking for MORE of our troops even more so. This is nature of states. Criminal cartels using free individuals as pawns in their game. Just ask the Ukrainians.



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