Back to Iraq? I Say No

If you don’t like the consequences of a power vacuum, don’t go around playing empire.

Decades of backing dictators, overthrowing governments and making deals for corporate profits has blowback. Especially when you ignore the people living under these conditions.

Iraq is a prime example of an arrogant world power ignoring hundreds of years of conflict.

Baghdad has been “ruled” by Sunni Muslims for hundreds of years. Conflict going back to at least 1050. And in 2003 the US threw out the Sunni majority and gave the city to the Shia. They backed a Shia government,  told them all to get along, and didn’t think a civil war wouldn’t break out.

It did, hundreds of thousands died and the Shia government began leaning towards their Shia brothers in Iran.

When the US presence became too problematic for them, the Iraq government installed by Washington threatened to prosecute US troops & contractors under Iraq law. So, the US left.

Then everything went to hell. The northern part of Iraq has been retaken by Sunni fighters. Armed by the US in Syria, they have taken major cities over the last year.

And now Americans will be sold on the idea that we have to go back to Iraq to help the people. The people who were ruled by two dictators we installed, who’s infrastructure we destroyed, and who’s country has been a play thing for foreign powers since the mid-80s.  

How about some actual national defense and stop creating enemies throughout the world?

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