Rand Paul Bad, Xenophobic Conservatives Good?

So now Rand Paul is “too liberal” for Republican voters because he wants to secure the border before doing immigration reform (somehow that means he supports amnesty), and he’s against forcefully removing millions of humans from a plot of land.

The guy with a rational plan to fix the situation will lose out to the “they took our jobs”, xenophobic crowd. Republicans hate the left more than they love the country. You can’t be for liberty/freedom and be for soldiers with guns dragging people out of their homes, illegal or not. You can be for ending the program of providing federal benefits paid with taxpayer money to anyone who crosses a line in the desert. That’s the “left” sly plan to get votes. The entitlement system is helping to bankrupt the government, which in turn sucks more money from every American to offset the costs.

The Republican stance should be legalize people here, secure the border like every other country does and stop benefits to anyone here illegally. The market for immigration would change dramatically. The incentives for coming here lawfully go up, the incentives for coming here illegally go down.

Oh, and end the War on Drugs and exploiting Latin American countries so maybe here isn’t the only place that offers freedom and opportunity for anyone looking for it.  


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