IRS Commissioner Donates $85,000 to Democratic Committee/Candidates

John Koskinen, the commissioner of the corrupt IRS received warm words from a number of Democrat members of the committee yesterday. Now we know why. Funny how a government agency like the IRS can be so outwardly corrupt and agenda-driven, with half the media world making up excuses for its behavior. There are more important issues going on right now to me, but this scandal shows the outright corruption of central government. The Democratic Party used the IRS to go after its enemies. It gets caught, and still people on left make excuses for them. “Republicans would do the same thing” will be the excuse used by voters. Nothing has changed over the last 16 years. Each major party has had 8 years to run things, and both have fucked up dramatically. Still the partisan bitching goes on. I hope the tide is being to turn with the access to information and the death of old media. I hope this IRS scandal stays in the minds of votes leading up to the elections in September and in 2016.



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