Hillary Clinton: The Neocons Choice for President

Great two party system we got here. If you want a foreign policy of Bush, McCain (and Obama)….vote for Hilary Clinton.

“Mark Salter, a former chief of staff to Senator McCain and a neocon fellow traveler, said that in the event of a  (Rand) Paul nomination, “Republican voters seriously concerned with national security would have no responsible recourse” but to support Mrs. Clinton for the presidency.”

“National Security” means intervention around the globe. Toppling governments we don’t like, installing one of our own. Forcing Washington’s influence on countries for economic power and control. I mean, it’s not like we can trade with people right?

The reactionary crises around the globe at the moment are instances of blowback from the last two decades of intervention on the behalf of powerful lobbies. Our “freedom” has nothing to do with it. I sure felt like my freedom to bbq on the 4th of July was heightened because we invaded Panama back in the 80’s to secure the PANAMA canal. Don’t get me started on how free the overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine made me feel.

Democrats and Liberals. Wake up. Don’t vote for Hillary Clinton for some reaction to Republican politics or because she is on the blue team. She loves war. As much as the “baby killer” G.W. did.



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