“Death to Arabs”

This article describes a situation that sounds much like the anti-Semitism in Nazi Germany:

This summer, however, I have been living in Jerusalem.  I was in Jerusalem when the three yeshiva students went missing near Hebron, when Mohammed Abu Khdeir was kidnapped and burned alive — maybe 3km from my house — and it’s Jerusalem from where I obsessively follow updates from Gaza as Operation Protective Edge wreaks utter havoc on over a million lives.


It has been under these conditions that I’ve finally been acquainting myself with Israel’s capital and the city most associated with the Israel/Palestine conflict.  Clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police have been occurring every night in Shuafat, Issawiya, and other Palestinian neighborhoods of East Jerusalem, to the blind eye of the media.  Palestinians wake up in the morning to find their cars and businesses vandalized.  News of hate crimes circulate word of mouth.  Most visibly, mobs of Jewish nationalists march through West Jerusalem streets chanting maavet la’aravim ‘death to Arabs.’  The mobs are usually composed of Mizrahi youth, themselves of Arab descent and at most two generations removed from Arabic language and culture, with haircuts modeled after their favorite soccer players.  Often there are religious nationalists with kippahs and the fringes of a tzitzit dangling from under their shirts.  Sometimes there are even a few beautiful young women scattered among the mostly male mobs.  I struggle to comprehend their hate.  As the mobs stroll through the streets, its total toleration from passersby and police deflate any hope I may have in the future of a harmonious Jewish/Arab coexistence.  The mobs may be a minority, but the toleration suggests that they represent a majority.”



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