My Blog is One-Sided on the Gaza Invasion

No, I don’t buy the Israeli right-wing narrative. So yes, my posts on the situation in Gaza will be one sided.

I’m not “pro-Hamas”, I’m anti-common sense and intellectually dishonesty.

The way the Israeli lobby, American media and the “Israel first” community goes about their business is disgusting.

So don’t debate me. If you have valid points to make, link to facts. Your emotional responses and buzz words are not welcomed. You’ve lost the “right” to have an opinion that matters. There is too much evidence showing the hypocrisy of your “side” to not be laughable. The age of Twitter and instant journalism make your slogans irrelevant. The treatment of the Gaza Strip is a case study in WHY I HATE THE STATE. Take your race-based nationalism somewhere else.

(If you response begins with “but the Arabs/Palestinians/Muslims” you missed the whole point).



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