Israeli Officials in Europe Demand “Strict Regulation” of Antiwar Protests Because “Holocaust”

The public relation wing of the warmongering assholes running the Israeli government went full retard yesterday. They decided to link any protest in Europe against their military killing operate of human fucking beings in Gaza as of course… “anti-Semitic”. They went as far as to say that they are seeing the “beginnings of a new Holocaust”.

Yes, anti-Semitism in Europe is real. Just ask the US-backed regime in Ukraine. The disgusting world view of “kill the Jews” is spreading in Europe for a multitude of reasons; the rising population of Arabs who come from countries affected by Israeli policy, racist assholes left over from WWII, and new assholes who can’t separate “Israel” from “Jews”.

But for the government of Israel to claim that any protests against their wars need to be regulated and are automatically a sign of a fucking Holocaust is shallow and distasteful. And in my opinion worthy of a good old American: “Fuck Off”.


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