The Politics of the Pro-Israel Stance

We start with this guy:

Sen. Mark Kirk Says Thousands Dead in Gaza “Worth It” to Destroy Hamas

When asked whether he thought the fighting in Gaza between Hamas and Israel would cost thousands more lives, Kirk said, “It was worth thousands of lives to wipe out the Nazis. And then the world was much better once they were wiped out.

“The only way to secure peace in the Middle East is to wipe out those who would bring terror to the Middle East,” Kirk added.

Kirk, a friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, estimated fighting in Gaza could last a couple more months. The Associated Press has reported that 1,000 Palestinians, 53 Israeli soldiers and three Israeli civilians have been killed in the fighting so far.


Sen. Kirk needs a better research department show he doesn’t have to go the “Hitler” route. A simple Google search shows that Hamas can’t even be measured in the same category as the Nazis.

We move up to more of the actual politics and fundraising of the Israel lobby game. Mondoweiss breaks down the campaign of Michelle Nunn in her run for Senate in Georgia. Vox has the original scope.

The story goes, how she “stands” on Israel determines her amount of donations in the amount of $250,000. This is treason. She doesn’t KNOW it’s treason, but it’s treason.

The photo below came from her campaign website:


The rest of the article here.


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