On thr Anniversary of 9/11, Stand Up Against Another Mindless War

Did you know: President Obama doesn’t need Congressional approval to dive into a open-ended military campaign against ISIS.

I missed that class.

2/3 of Americans are for military intervention because of the beheadings.

With the anniversary of 9/11 hours away, the drum beats of war are upon us again. We should take a lesson or two from the Iraq War, and the campaign in Middle East before 9/11. Destabilizing a region for unclear goals and with no exit strategy gets Americans (and others) killed. It leads to unintended consequences that no “expert” on CNN can predict.

Don’t follow the same people, talking points, strategies, nationalist and empty  emotional cries for “war for peace”.

Let’s focus on fixing this country, and really ask why American men and women have to be put in harms way in over 13-50-5 countries around the world.

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