This Proposed Qatar Pipeline Has Nothing to Do with America’s Anti-Assad Stance

Zerohedge included the map below is a great article about Qatar’s hand in the US gun-running operation in Syria on behalf of those “moderate” rebels. Now what ever could Qatar’s rich oil families gain from a Assad-less Syria?

The picture above is a proposed pipeline project by the oil-rich Middle East nation of Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and most importantly, The United States and its European allies. Looking at it for a few seconds, you can see it runs through Syria. Yes, the same Syria that the United States, Europe, Israel and the Sunni monarchies in the area have been trying to destabilize for over three years now. Some say longer. Israeli policy from 1996 places the overthrowing of Assad near the top of the wish list. Right below Iraq and Libya.

The pipeline is suppose to continue north through Turkey and into Ukraine. Another conflict zone rich with natural gas and other energy resources (Coal for example).

Following the timeline and proposed pipeline maps, it’s easy to see the battle over the control of the world’s energy resources has reached a new arch.

On one side you have the US & the West. Hoping to expand NATO eastward, politicians and the corporations that own them are positioning themselves to take control and profit from the new oil & gas routes from the tip of Qatar to as north as Sweden.

On the other side is Russia. Fighting for it’s control over the vast reserves of natural gas in Eastern Ukraine and its hold on exports of gas to Europe and North Africa. It’s military backing Syria is not a surprise, the map at the beginning of this article illustrates that. On the other side of the Middle East, it’s relationship with Iran is clearly based partly on it’s shared pipeline of natural gas and Iran’s access to the Persian Gulf.

It’s not hard people.

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