Obama: Congress Must Stop ‘Draconian Cuts’ to Military Spending

“Speaking today after a meeting at the Pentagon, President Obama pushed the idea that Congress needs to completely do away with even the pretense of sequestration with respect to military spending, saying they have to prevent the “draconian cuts” mandated.

Sequestration, agreed to because of a rising deficit, was supposed to slow the rate of growth for military spending.”


The “rate of growth”. That means NO ACTUAL CUTS. And it’s still “draconian”. What is scary here for me is that the right calls Obama “weak” on defense. He has even stopped pretending to care about cutting back on the warfare state. The original story can be found at The Hill. Defense Secretary Hagel makes an appearance:

Hagel has said the Army would shed 20,000 active-duty soldiers if sequestration cuts take effect, a step that would endanger its ability to fight two major conflicts at the same time. The National Guard would also lose 40,000 soldiers, while the Army Reserve would draw down 20,000 soldiers, Hagel said.”

This is all opinion. They could cut contractors with defense contractors. They could cut military bases overseas. They could cut general’s salaries. But no. They must use the threat of some 80,000 troops losing their jobs instead. The troops are always the first to suffer. Like children in schools. You never see a cut in education spending ever affect the administration.

Also, GOOD. So the Pentagon can’t fight two major conflicts at the same time. Where do these conflicts intertwine with actual national security?


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