Modern Police Brutality Isn’t Racial

I know this Gardner decide will get all the media fanning the racial flames, but funny how white cops killing white people or…OR…black cops killing black cops magically gets no play. A couple examples:

Kelly Thomas and James Boyd:

“Thomas, a homeless man diagnosed with schizophrenia, was beaten into a coma on a concrete sidewalk by three Fullerton, Cali., police officers in July 2011.

He died of his substantial injuries, which included broken bones in his face and a collapsed thorax, five days later after his parents removed him from life support.

Two of the officers went to trial for his death but a jury found them “not guilty” and the district attorney dropped the charges against the third officer.

Boyd, also a homeless man, was shot in the back by two Albuquerque Police Department officers in March while he was camping in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico.

But the cops didn’t stop there: after mortally wounding Boyd, they continued shooting him with bean bags for fun and even released a police dog to gnaw on his body.”


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