All Sides of the Police Brutality Debate Are Useless

Liberals, most white people know cops shoot black people more often and with less reason then they do white people. Generally. We don’t need to keep being guilt tripped about it. What would you like white people to do? The cops have guns and the power structure on their side. Maybe instead of spending half your time trying to disarm everyone, and the other half telling us cops are a danger who wield too much power (and guns), you could, I don’t know, not vote for Hillary Clinton and try to bring people together by not being asshats in the way you “debate” issues.

Conservatives, when will you stop defending every cop in every shooting of a black person and instead able your arguement for the 2nd Amendment to them also?

Seems like nothing changes but social media posts.

Accountability only come about when a majority of people start being honest, stop being hypocrites, and debate important subjects for reasons other than social brown points.

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