Blame the Shooters. Stand Together. Demand Accountability.

Blame for last night’s events falls squarely on the shooters. I already see collectivism bubbling to the surface. Anyone who questions cops will get shit. “Black America” will get shit if the shooters are black. Gun owners will get shit. Not to mention the scum that will come out of the woodwork use this for their political or society “cause”.

If anything else should get blame it should be mindless social media “movements” based on blind emotion with zero plan to reach it’s goal. Social media is as dangerous as it is amazing in it’s spread of ideas and information 

We should all (officers included) turn our concern to our neighbors and maybe also have a honest discussion about how police have become an occupying force to some areas of our country. The training, mandate, and actual role of the police has systematic changed. And the individual officers are not to blame.

The police should be a part of the community, not apart from it. Officers and the people they are sworn to serve need to stand up and refuse to continue down the path we’ve all been forced down.


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