I Checked My Privilege. Now What?

Okay, I have checked my white privilege. Right now, just did it. Did I fix police brutality? White people don’t even stand up in mass when cops shoot a white kid and doesn’t go to jail. Why the constant guilt trip? What does this all actually accomplish? Does this movement actually believe if “White America” acknowledges the shitty way African Americans are treated by some cops in this country something will change? Will it stop Hillary Clinton from becoming president and continue to throw scores of young black men in prison? Will it end the Drug War? Will it stop Southside violence?

Instead of wasting energy guilt tripping people, educate yourselves about who the actual problem is. It’s not the everyday person who is too busy to march in the streets.

So we divide ourselves while the same damn losers stay in office feeding us soundbites we want to hear and then continue to violate our rights, devalue our money, create enemies for us abroad and destroy our standard of living?


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