Reaction to Reading The 28 Pages

My immediate reaction to reading the 28 pages from the Joint Inquiry on 9/11 is:


Now we have proof that members of the Saudi family & government funded the hyjackers in some way.

Americans should at least have the blind patriotism to come together against this regime. Right now our government is funding and providing military assistance to the Saudis in their “war” in Yemen. Complete with laser-pointed bomb strikes and billions in arms including cluster bombs.

For anyone who has no history in 9/11 back story, Prince Bandar (or “Bandar Bush”, the Saudi Ambassador to the US, was always friendly with GW (Google Images) and he is mentioned in thsee documents. More importantly still his wife is mentioned. Funneling money to a wife a person who provided on the ground support to hyjackers. 


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