The Attacks Won’t Stop. Pt. 2 – Blowback Edition 

The attacks won’t stop by changing profile photos and wishing it away. Realize your politicians have signed you up for this heartache by violently occupying the Middle East for over a century.

The response has been the growth of understandable revenge-seeking over the deaths of their children & families, and lose of their society, homes and country.
The outlet that is offered to radical religious terrorism which help fill that void and give purpose to their revenge.
The attacks won’t stop just because us Westerners want them too. Face the facts that your low price gas and ability to travel freely is built off the backbone of a violent imperialism.
So either put your foot down and refuse to go along with it anymore. Or don’t, and continue to pretend the “mean bad people” will eventually stop after enough bombs are dropped on their world.


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