Net Neutrality 

Should I even touch Net Neutrality? The “principle” that ISPs should not discriminate against certain content providers and without the FCC watching them, these ISPs (who have minor/major monopolies in certain geographic markets because they lobbied to local governments for favorable regulation) would sell their bandwidth to the high bidder, helping to crush the little guy. 

Like everyone of the Mad Max “free market” scenarios brought up by the crowd screaming for government oversight of the market, the result they fear from the past was created by conditions first created…by the government, or just a falsehood.
Who lobbied for Net Neutrality? Amazon, Google and Netflix. Why? Because who better to lobby the FCC for favorable regulation in the future, now that the Internet is a public utility. If it’s a utility and equal, their cost of bandwidth goes down. How nice.
Who better than to take money and hand out special favors, but the government. Who better to help crush the little guy. Who in the past has used it’s power to regulate media platforms to crush speech or politics it finds outside the acceptable opinion? The FCC.
In almost every scenario laid out to me about how these companies will grow to monopolize the Internet, includes them getting special treatment from the government. Damn free market.


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