The Healthcare Debate Shows the Cult-like Trust in Government

So the bill does 6 things. 4 of which cut government control and lower taxes, bringing prices and costs down. 1 expands savings accounts, something that Americans should use but won’t because they can’t be self-reliant I guess. And 1 that is a political football that will never drop.

First comment? “You’re evil”.

I’m sorry, but if NOT forcing you to buy something, lowering your employers financial burden so you might get more of your pay check and hiring can expand, while also getting rid of another tax 98% of the ppl bitching don’t even understand, and cutting regulation on what states are forced to comply with is all “evil” to the point of coming this bill to death….then your views on government are stuck somewhere between 3rd and 5th grade.

Please Washington. Just take my money, kill jobs and tell me what to do. I’m a good American.

What type of economics lesson has to be arranged for some people to understand that when you take money from productive people, put others out of work, limit competition, regulate/contract what is allowed to be sold….costs go up?

Everyone is screaming about the costs and availability of healthcare, while screaming for more actions that continue this trend.

The faith in government (which is just filled with people) and the lack of faith in the market (which is filled with people) borders on religion.


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