Take Your Medicine

​CNN calling for Trump to “heal” the country. He won an election. He didn’t control the largest military in world history, hold huge executive power, decide the direction of the economy and speak to a confused and sometimes scared nation for 8 years.

“He has to earn our respect”. Fine. But you had 8 years in charge and the country lost respect you for and kicked you to the curb.
Take your medicine and try some self reflection. The buzz words and labeling of anyone who disagrees with you is old. Bring back actual discussion. Back up your ideas. Stop with the SJW crap. Where are the principled lefties from the Bush era?
More Glenn Greenwald and that crazy English guy. Less Young Turks & MSNBC. Or you’ll get more Donald Trump & Alt-Right, and less “socially liberal/fiscally conservative”.

A Brokered Convention Could Mean A Wildcard for the GOP Nomination

An article over at the DailyCaller lays out the rules the RNC is considering if a brokered convention happens to be in everyone’s future. For example:

“So, using Iowa as an example, every candidate receiving at least four percent of the vote in the Iowa caucuses will earn one delegate, and thus be nominated for consideration at the Republican National Convention,” North Dakota National Committeeman Curly Haugland, a member of the RNC Rules Committee, told The Daily Caller Tuesday

Yes, this means Rand Paul can be nominated by the Kentucky delegation. Anyone watch House of Cards?

Scholar Suggests Civil Disobedience Against Regulatory State

“I had this image in my mind of a guy in a pin stripe suit appearing out of nowhere,” he recalled, “tapping the bureaucrat on the shoulder, and saying, ‘We are taking this man’s case. He won’t pay a dime for it. We will pursue this case until you are sick of us. We will use all of the legal procedures we can to drag it out. And when at the end you finally fine him for violating this stupid, pointless regulation that he did in fact violate, we will reimburse his fine.’” That made him feel better.


Gaza is a Fucking Prison.

Quote from Glenn Greenwald’s Interview with Max Blumenthal Via @antiwar @theinterspect

“And for all I knew about the Israel-Palestine crisis, I was not prepared to come in to such intimate contact with so much human destruction. And to really come to grips with the fact that the Gaza Strip is an open-air prison, and it’s not hyperbolic to say so. We’re not just saying this for rhetorical effect.

In order to enter Gaza, you pass through the Erez terminal with your government press office credential, which means you’re one of very few people who can get in or get out. And you wander down a long corridor, which is a cage, and then you arrive at a metal door at a concrete wall. The metal door opens, it shuts behind you, and you’re inside what is effectively a walled-off ghetto.

You look down this endless wall, to your right, and you see a remote-controlled machine gun perched on the wall. That’s the spot and strike system, which is operated by an all-female unit of Israeli soldiers in the Negev Desert, tens of kilometers away, by remote. And what they do is, they watch the buffer zone?—?this 300-kilometer area that Palestinians are forbidden from entering inside the Gaza Strip. And anyone who enters who they determine to be a “terrorist,” they eliminate with the push of a joystick button from a remote-controlled machine gun. It’s just that dystopian.”

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Nigel Farage destroys the Euro groupthink in just 4 Minutes.

From Sovereign Man:

“Today it’s not nearly as controversial to say that the Eurozone experiment has failed. Anyone aware of what’s happening in Greece should say the same. But very few people really understand why.

As Nigel explains in the video below, right from the start, the system was never intended to help the Greek people.

Greece entering the euro was great for Goldman Sachs. But terrible for Greeks. It chained the country to a system in which it didn’t belong.

And what about all the bailout money that’s been thrown at Greece in the time since?

None of it actually went to the Greek people. It went to bail out the French, German, and Italian banks who own Greek debt.

Sure, social welfare drags an economy underwater. But corporate welfare is what really drowns it.

Since the crisis, the country’s debt to GDP has gone from 100% to 180%. Tensions have skyrocketed, and the Greek people are suffering….

…They are the ones that now have to bear the burden of a stagnant economy, capital controls, and inflation.

None of these measures have worked.

Progressive Hero Elizabeth “Get the Bankers” Warren Comes Out Again the Latest “Audit the Fed” Bill

You’re doing it wrong Wall Street crusader. This just shows how little the progressive side of the anti-Wall Street crowd understands central banking, and who runs that central bank (Hint: It’s Wall Street). Hilarious in its depression.

 Warren states: “But I oppose the current version of this bill because it promotes congressional meddling in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions, which risks politicizing those decisions and may have dangerous implications for financial stability and the health of the global economy.”

Yes, because the Fed’s monetary policy decisions of the last 100+ years haven’t been politicized (lower interest rates to pay for wars, housing bubbles, wasteful spending, bailouts to Wall Street). The board of the Fed is run by ex-Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase executives. Hell, the bank was founded by members of JP Morgan Chase and other banking interesting in 1913 (Creature from Jekyll Island). Yes, a privately owned bank lending dollars to the American government. That sounds like a progressive’s nightmare. But they seem to like it. They always have. Ask Woodrow Wilson.


Henry Kissinger Picks Jeb 2016

Well that settles it. Always vote against the war criminal.

It’s no secret that Jeb Bush has been moving aggressively to vacuum up cash and secure support. These three events are part of that effort and the Observer’s cover story last week shared for the first time names of more than a dozen New Jersey and New York finance heavyweights who attended a fourth event – a January 8th dinner hosted by New Jersey lawyer and former RNC finance chief Larry Bathgate.

But it’s an event scheduled to take place this Thursday afternoon, February 12th, that might send the clearest signal yet of Jeb Bush’s dominance of the Republican establishment. According to two sources, including one inside the Bush organization, former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger will be the star attraction at a lunch hosted by Right to Rise at which Mr. Bush will also appear.


The Cronyism of Net Neutrality

The Republican FCC Commissioner’s comments on the Net Neutrality bill are telling:

“President Obama’s plan marks a monumental shift toward government control of the Internet. It gives the FCC the power to micromanage virtually every aspect of how the Internet works,” Pai said. “The plan explicitly opens the door to billions of dollars in new taxes on broadband… These new taxes will mean higher prices for consumers and more hidden fees that they have to pay.”

“The plan saddles small, independent businesses and entrepreneurs with heavy-handed regulations that will push them out of the market,” Pai said. “As a result, Americans will have fewer broadband choices. This is no accident. Title II was designed to regulate a monopoly. If we impose that model on a vibrant broadband marketplace, a highly regulated monopoly is what we’ll get.”

No shock. This is how government regulations work. How many banks were there prior to 2008? Now how many are there? Who helped write those regulations? Who helped write Obamacare? Big insurance corporations? Who helped write the “net neutrality” bill? Who lobbied for it? Treating internet like a utility run and regulated by the government is mind-numbingly stupid. But buzzwords like “neutral” and “fair” are used so Americans jump on board. Like “Patriot” and “humanitarian intervention”. Americans for net neutrality believe it will stop those evil corporations from buying bandwidth for certain websites, and blocking bandwidth for others. In other words, we need to be against an open internet where the market (people) will decide where the bandwidth flows to and what innovations can be created. Instead, we should allow the government to decide where the bandwidth goes (I’m sure there won’t be special interest corporations that get special treatment), what changes to the internet are allowed, which websites to block. We should allow the government to tax small businesses that use the internet more than they already do because that will help the economy! The government needs more tax revenue to spend on weapons contracts and to dole out to special interests.

The internet has grown to what it is today because it is the freest market example ever. We should help destroy that freedom out of fear of Netflix buffering.

7 Former Congresspeople Who Have Already Sold Out

7 former members of Congress, 5 House reps and 2 Senators left office in January to already join lobbying firms on K-Street:

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (r)
Rep. Lee Terry (r)
Rep. Jim Gerlach (r)
Rep. Jim Matheson (d)
Rep. Jim Moran (d)
Rep. Bill Owens (d)
Rep. Mark Begin (d)

The original article from vocativ.com

How Bad is Obama’s New Budget?

“Children that won’t even be born for decades will inherit enormous debts that have been racked up today on drones, bombs, and wars that were waged in our era.

President Obama’s most recent budget makes this abundantly clear.

The new budget projects spending $2.548 TRILLION just on MANDATORY programs like Social Security and Medicare. Another $426 billion will be necessary just to pay interest on the debt.

In total, this is over 99% of ALL the tax revenue the government collected in 2014.

In other words, they’ll spend nearly ALL of their current tax revenue before they write a single check for anything we think of as government (like the military, the IRS, or the light bill at the White House).

Naturally they’re not planning on turning off the lights anytime soon. So they finance the rest of it with… debt.”