T.D.S – I Guess I’m a Russian Agent

This episode was supposed to be a measured, calm dissection of Donald Trump’s trip through Europe and his summit with Putin in Finland. However, the last 24 hours in the American media and throughout the social media universe has completely made me go insane. Watching and listening to the Left (and my friends) parrot the War Party’s propaganda is really the last straw for me. These people are completely out of their minds.

The ability for the same think-tankers, TV “experts”, mainstream journalists and pundits to recycle their same, tired narrative that this boogeyman is the worst of all the boogeyman continues to shock me.

In 2018, with the access to enough information to be informed, or at least to build some skills in critical thinking, it’s amazing that when it is laid out in front of them what a “Neocon” is, what the last 30 years of Russian/US relations looks like, that the push for war with Russia is absolutely a bi-partisan policy, the lemmings STILL refuse to acknowledge these facts. Or are able to mold their views within reality.

This is dangerous stuff. And to see my bleeding-heart buddies saying things like “The President MUST support OUR intelligence community” or “Russia is our adversary”, it’s clear that T.D.S. is real, and rational thought has left American political discussion.

All that is left to save us is Tucker Carlson and his nursing home audience:



Articles for Sanity


Just sharing some level-headed reads based in reality. Some of these articles will be sourced from Consortium News. This may not be a familiar outlet for you, but get acquainted. Most of these authors are not wild libertarians like I am. They are simply incredible journalists with the credentials to prove it.

It’s not my problem if these viewpoints (or facts) are foreign to you.



Joe Lauria provides some much needed context. If people want any…

Some more Lauria for you….


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Ray McGovern and William Binney attempt to educate the President on the DNC leak job. Been sharing this one a lot today.



My thoughts exactly. The worship of the State has pushed people so far that they can’t stand having a flawed leader of the church. Trump’s a buffoon. A buffoon that is ending Cold War tensions and introducing the idea of diplomacy to blood-thristy nationalist America. That goes for the Right and (clearly) the Left. Go have your nuclear war elsewhere.


I decided to a do an episode on NGOs when I realized that most people I talk to have no knowledge of the Ukrainian Coup in 2014, or actually believe the US is on the wrong side in Syria,

NGOs come in all shapes and sizes, but the ones I talk about find their home in the arena of political destabilization. NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) envision themselves are beacons of knowledge, civility and Democracy meant to spread their influence and education around the world. Or so that’s what they say publicly. The results of their actions are so poor and destructive, at some point you have to wonder if maybe they know what their doing and do it anyway.

Spokesmen for NED describe the wanted results of some of their initiatives as “to empower like-minded activists to build movements in home countries” and “introduce democracy to authoritarian regimes”. The term “like-minded” is interesting. NED and other NGOs have no issue supporting the opposition in countries where that opposition is fascist or violent, as in the cases of Ukraine or Nicaragua. In Nicaragua, NED supported the opposing forces to Daniel Ortega, a pretty left-leaning leader for President Obama to want out of power.

Ukraine was an example of the same NGOs supporting extreme right-wing elements, just because they were seen as the best avenue to regime change. So like-mindedness has nothing to do with it.

NGOs are simply used as propaganda operations to pull the political strings of a nation one way or another. Most of the time, the interests the NGOs are serving are those of a nation state or private industry. NED and NGOs (like the ones active in Ukraine) work in common mission with the American empire. Ever attempting to expand control deep into Asian and Eastern European areas.

The way NGOs work remain me of two examples from pop culture, The Quiet American and The Good Shepherd. Both describe CIA coup/regime change operations, but the tactics have just been outsourced.

I’ll leave you with a quick example of how these NGOs work and what the people themselves believe their doing it for. The International Republican Initiative sounds harmless enough. However, when describing some recent successes, a spokesperson explained that they had been “working with forces” in Malaysia as far back as 2002. They more recently had their supported parties win elections. The moral argument about having to “bring democracy to the world” goes away once the elections are won. The spokesperson patted the IRI on the back for putting US-controlled forces “in charge of a country on the front-lines ” in the South China Sea. Good for American interests. Malaysians will just have to live with being on the front-lines.


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Middle East Roundup & The Summer of Hysteria

This episode was recorded on a whim. I had planned to make this a breakdown of events in the Middle East only, but the retirement of Justice Kennedy and the insanity of the Left’s response to it, along with Maxine Waters, and I had to include some ranting about the state of political discourse.

I still hit on the major stories out of the war torn region. The final battle of Yemen continues to take shape. Elections in Turkey and the development of a coalition government in Iraq continues to take shape. Finally, Trump pushes for less and less US engagement in Syria, in the face of Nikki Haley and other warhawks in his administration.


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This is How You Get Four More Years of Trump

This is how you get four more years of Trump. Act like an angry mob filled with convenient and selective outrage. Violence and threats are definitely the answer too.

People will get tired of the hypocrisy coming out of your mouths, the way you go about your “protest” (bullying, politically motivated threats and violence), and most importantly your inability to act rationally when faced with new information, alternative views or, and this will be the worse:

Someone who’s views are consistent.

I see this with true liberals being called “alt-right” for supporting free speech or Trump’s summit with North Korea. Just because now it’s Trump and the Red Team

You are seeing this with immigration now. I feel horrible for this policy that is playing out. But I’m straight tired of hearing about the outrage and inhumanity of this policy from people who never stepped foot on a public sidewalk to protest ANYTHING during the last 8 years. It swings back and forth.

This immigration issue isn’t new. It hasn’t just appeared with Trump. Just the media coverage has started. He talks about it more. Immigration is part of his platform.

But horrible shit has been going on. Not in secret. If you cared two years ago, you would have researched it.

If you seem to clutch your pearls about an issue just around the time Anderson Cooper starts talking about it, people are gonna see through you.

There is a large community of consistent, principled people (with different principles) who are drowned out by the mobs of angry, tribal, emotional know-nothings.

This leads to a breakdown in discourse. Only in that setting is the hypocrisy of supporting a private business owner from refusing service to Sanders because you literately shake all day because Trump is president, while demanding a bigoted business owner bake a cake left unchallenged. Better yet, I’m a racist and a homophobic person just for pointing out a logical fallacy.

Can’t have it both ways, unless you’re a hypocrite. And that gets old after 4 years of screaming bloody murder.

NOTE: Personal Stance on I.C.E – Abolish ICE since 2007.

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Trump’s First Pitch

This post is very delayed and might fail to be current, but I wanted to make sure my Steemit audience was aware that there was a new episode of The Voluntary Exchange Podcast put out over a week ago.

I have been very busy personally, and because of that I have not be mentally focused enough be in the frame of mind to research and discuss large scale humanitarian stories like the ones that need covering.

This episode is called “Trump’s First Pitch” and the majority of is my thoughts on the summit between Trump and North Korea’s Kim. And the shockingly confusing response from the media.

Most of the research I did have time to dive into had to do with Israel, Gaza, and the recent March of Return and bloody response from Israel. It allowed to be spend some time reiterating my position, discuss the facts of the events and provide more context and sources for anyone that wishes to expand their knowledge of the subject. I have included two examples of MUST READS (and watches) and the current state of Israeli society and life on the ground in Gaza:

I spend a few minutes discussing the ongoing deal making in Syria, and update you on the horrors taking place in the forgotten land of Yemen.


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Memorial Day Roundup

This episode was meant to be in two parts. As I was researching, it was clear there were a ton of stories to breakdown. So I decided to do an overview of many, with rabbit-holes-a-plenty linked to within this article.


The two bureaucratic moves that caught my interest are both positive, if war with Iran is something you wish to avoid.

The EU Commission used a legislative weapon called the “blocking statute”, which in this case forbids EU based companies from complying with the new US sanctions placed on Iran. As insanely authoritarian and dystopian as that is, it does give individual EU companies that wanted to ignore Washington’s orders political and legal cover to do so.

The second act of a legislature came from the US House. Which passed an amendment to this year’s NDAA unanimously stating that the Trump administration has “no legal authorization for war with Iran”. The amendment can be removed in the Senate, where the real war hawks are. The vote is still interesting with a Republican controlled House.

John Bolton’s plans seem to be slowed for another week.

North Korea

This is where things get weird.

Donald Trump continues to drop in Hail Marys, and it’s starting to look like he has a plan. One that our friend John Bolton is not happy about.

To sum up the drama quickly, let’s start with Mr. Bolton. Two weeks ago now, Bolton provided comment about North Korea, including language about how a deal with North Korea should be in the “Libya model”. This translates into “regime change and violent death of former US-backed dictator”; or Iraq, Libya, and attempted Syria. Don’t forget this is same plan Bolton and his neoconservative allies have for Iran.

Needless to say, North Korea did not take kindly to this suggestion from Bolton. Further tension when the Vice President repeated Bolton’s narrative. Leaving to Trump to back things off, and cancel the summit in the process. A move the media attacks him for, when a month ago they were outraged he set it up in the first place. But I move on.

So the world was ending again, in nuclear flame at Donald Trump’s hand. When out of nowhere, South Korean president Mooon Jae-in returns from North Korea on Saturday and confirms that Kim and North Korea are still “committed to the summit” on June 12. The US followed up by sending officials to the truce-village of Panmunjom, to meet with North Koreans officials. Let’s see how this goes.


Bibi is pushing his luck. While he tries (again) to sell the world on Iranian plans for nuclear domination, the domestic events within Israel or the occupied territories are killing Israeli PR in the West.

The move of the US embassy to Jerusalem is actually taking place, and that has of course raised tensions in the West Bank, its the open brutality at the border fences in Gaza that has pierced the minds of a Western (liberal) audience that usually publicly ignores this topic.

I won’t go into the history of this conflict, but the numbers of injured and dead I think speaks for itself. 62 Palestinians killed, with 3200 injured on May 14th. Included in that were 18 paramedics. One of which did an interview with Electronic Intifada, a Palestinian online media operation that clearly has a bias, but does actual journalism. Lacking more and more no matter the slant you come with.

Long time followers of this conflict understand that Gaza is in its end game, an 11 year blockade, no airspace, coastline control, sparse electricity, the age of the population; these things taken into account, no matter who you blame for them, pushed these protests. The same story plays out. A violent factor is always included on the Palestinian side, which is a “duh” for me at this point. Israel responses with collective punishment, relying on its cover in the political and media realm.

This is getting harder. With stories and imaged getting out more and more, the everyday voter in the Western world is becomes more aware, and in turn the politician who wants that vote will begin voicing opposition to Israeli “tactics”, which is a start.

Torture Queen

Haspel has been confirmed for some time, so lets not dwell there. Sam Husseini, a writer with Consortium Newsasks an interesting questionregarding the torture that took place during Haspel’s time in Thailand: Was torture the tool to build the Iraq War lie?

Instead of just chalking up the torture of Abu Zubaydah to sadism on Haspel’s part, let’s think for a minute. The tapes of him being waterboarded 83 times in a month are gone. So is the evidence of his head being slammed against the wall. No information was collected from his time there. But what were the questions? Where the tapes destroyed more to cover up the nature of the interrogations then the graphic violence?

Lawrence Wikerson, former chief of staff to Colin Powell, says that Powell knew the “evidence” he used at the UN was the result of torture. For example, the 2014 Senate torture report makes it known that Ibn Shaykh al-Libi told Egyptian authorities that Saddam had provided Al-Qaeda with chemical and biological weapons assistance. A hilarious story on the face of it. Was he asked this outright? To build on the narrative? al-Libi recanted his statement, after he was sent to America’s buddy Gaddafi. Where Ibn Shaykh al-Libi committed suicide…


The war in Yemen has been a topic on my show since I began to take it seriously. My first episode on the conflict is still my most downloaded. In the future, hopefully, Yemen will be Obama’s war crime.

The Shite Houthis from the north of the country are running out of port cities within their control. The last one they hold is the city of Hodeichh. The Yemeni army, backed by Saudi Arabia and the United States, has taken control of a neighboring town and may soon be in position to take Hodeichh.

Hodeichh is the last port in which humanitarian aid can get to the civilian population in the north of the country. The crisis in Yemen has reached historic heights.

The Yemeni ambassador to UNESCO Ahmad al-Sayyad suggests that Saudi Arabia and the UAE(United Arab Emirates) would strike a deal to divide Yemen. The UAE has been involved with the fight against the Houthis in the south of the country, where the capital and government control was concentrated. The Saudi-backed puppet Hadi, who was forced out of power when the Houthis took the capital and now lives under house arrest in Riyadh, would like very much to be placed back on his throne. But the ambassador makes a good point. What do the Saudis care about Hadi’s feelings? They could give concessions to UAE, with a guarantee for continued help in the north fighting the Houthis and “Iranian influence”.

The Great Syrian Highway

While the war in Syria continues to get more complex and closer to exploding on a global scale, on the ground it the same weird stories all wars have.

I read a story by Moon of Alabama about the M5 Highway. This highway is the economic lifeblood of Syria, connecting Turkey to Jordan, and providing most of the traffic between the Gulf States and Turkey. Parts of it have been under rebel and ISIS control, but if you follow the victories and expansion of territory by the Syrian army over the last year you see that almost all of the highway is back under government control.

The highway hits all Syrian major cites: Aleppo, Homs, Hama, and Damascus. Turkey, Russia, Syria, Jordan, the gulf states all want this highway open and functioning. Talks were held in Kazakhstan on May 14-15 between Turkey, Russia and Iran about Syria. This was the 9th of their kind. No progress was made, but the highway might have been a topic of discussion. If not this time, then in the past. Both parties did confirm that the “integrity of Syria” is still the agreed upon plan, kicking the ball back into the United States’ court, since it continues to occupy a good portion of the east of the country.


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Bibi Youtubes for War

This war is going to be sold a little bit different, but it’s going to be sold.

In this episode I break down Benjamin Netanyahu’s lies about Iran and how his “evidence” is all old news. His presentation is for a “audience of one” and outlandish in its smugness. He doesn’t even attempt to proof-read or hide the inconsistencies.

I cover the attacks by Israel on Syrian military bases and within the Golan Heights. This war is hot and tensions are high.


The episode link can be found here. The full episode archive can be found on Podomatic and on ITunes.


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Peace Breaks Out

We now have a streak. Two times in the last month that major geopolitical events have taken place while I slept. Waking up, eating breakfast, driving to the office and THEN finding out that the Korean War had ended. What a weird feeling. Like the I say in the episode, I felt like America should have been off of work and there should have been a parade.

The leaders of both North and South Korea agreed in principal to end the 70 year conflict, signaling a watershed moment in the region. While the motives of the North remain a mystery, I personally could give a shit. The leaders agreed to halt all cross-border propaganda, the North will suspend all nuke tests and begin closing sites, the Red Cross will be allowed to reunite families, and the Koreas declared that the peninsula would be “completely denuclearization”. All this with Kim saying that no American troops need to leave the region!

Now, if only half of what I mentioned above actually takes place (nukes coming first), this is an amazing event and a slow clap is in order for Donald J. Trump

In this episode I also dive into the Sergei Skripal poisoning. An event I didn’t pay attention to initially, and one that I’m far from done reading up on. From the small amount I’ve gotten into so far, the narrative out of the West is bunk and is suspect as soon as the name Christopher Steele shows up.


The episode link can be found here. The full episode archive can be found on Podomatic and on ITunes.

Bombs Dropped, Sun Rises – A Push for War – Part II

Good morning…..

I went to sleep last night very early, around 9. I woke up two hours later for some reason, and found myself up until 3am watching the United States drop missiles on Damascus. Fortunately for everyone, the strike was minimal. No Syrian military or government buildings were hit, nothing Iranian or Russian. So I closed my eyes for a few, and decided at 7:15 this morning to get my thoughts down on tape.

This episode is a short twenty minute reaction to Trump’s strikes, and what the small scale of his “response” to the “chemical attack” means from all sides. There are positive and negatives here, we just need to see what side wins out this time.


The episode can be found here. All episodes are on Podomatic and on ITunes.