Funding Al Qaeda: The American Way.

Trump actually ended the CIA program to fund Al Qaeda in Syria in an attempt to overthrow a government. Too bad he “did it for Moscow”.

We finally get a war slowed, and the Washington Post, CNN and their unnamed US officials tell us it’s a bad thing.

I wonder if the regime change policy put into place back in 2001 has anything to do with the Russia narrative.

Episode: A Game of Thrones

In this episode I update you on the situation between Turkey and it’s NATO allies, especially Germany. I cover the protests at the Temple Mount in Israel, and point out that India and China both have nukes and don’t like each other very much.

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Mahmoud Abbas freezes contact with Israel over al-Aqsa
Six Killed, Hundreds Wounded as Violence Rages Across West Bank
US Urges All Nationals In North Korea To “Depart Immediately”, Bans Tourists From Visiting
Trump Ends Covert Aid to Syrian Rebels Trying to Topple Assad
Trump’s DOJ gears up for crackdown on marijuana
Germany overhauls Turkey policy
Germany continues war of words with Turkey, reviews arms sales
Turkey has over 680 German firms on terrorism black list: security source
Billions Of Lives At Stake As China Threatens India With War After “Blatant Sovereignty Infringement”

Net Neutrality 

Should I even touch Net Neutrality? The “principle” that ISPs should not discriminate against certain content providers and without the FCC watching them, these ISPs (who have minor/major monopolies in certain geographic markets because they lobbied to local governments for favorable regulation) would sell their bandwidth to the high bidder, helping to crush the little guy. 

Like everyone of the Mad Max “free market” scenarios brought up by the crowd screaming for government oversight of the market, the result they fear from the past was created by conditions first created…by the government, or just a falsehood.
Who lobbied for Net Neutrality? Amazon, Google and Netflix. Why? Because who better to lobby the FCC for favorable regulation in the future, now that the Internet is a public utility. If it’s a utility and equal, their cost of bandwidth goes down. How nice.
Who better than to take money and hand out special favors, but the government. Who better to help crush the little guy. Who in the past has used it’s power to regulate media platforms to crush speech or politics it finds outside the acceptable opinion? The FCC.
In almost every scenario laid out to me about how these companies will grow to monopolize the Internet, includes them getting special treatment from the government. Damn free market.

Trump Ruined Elites Photo-op Galla

What kind of diplomacy do people actually think takes place at a G20? We’re the United States, all that happens there is we sign on to another “defense agreement” or “economic development plan”. In other words, we fight more wars, sell more weapons, give special privileges to foreign interests, or bailout some broke nation.

I’m so upset that we aren’t part of that “in crowd” now.
We’re broke people. And at war in every corner of the world. But let’s continue down that path. Because it’s better to fit in than make sense.
This is what being the “world leader” in today’s system means. So some heads of state just as corrupt as the next one are annoyed they can’t get their normal kickbacks. Too bad.

Episode #5: No Time For Your Emotional BS

Happy Saturday!

New episode up. It can be found here. Also available on ITunes by searching for “The Voluntary Exchange Podcast”. Below you will find some links to the articles & stories I spoke about in this episode. Also, in the coming month I might be linking a Patreon page at the podcast page if anyone is crazy enough to believe I deserve donations. Right now I believe you can send a couple cents via PayPal on the Podomatic page. Enjoy!

White House limiting number of troops to Afghanistan

South Korea President Wants to Talk With Kim Jong Un

Rand Paul is going to war with his own party

The Fraud of the White Helmets

U.S. Rabbis Just Got a Close-up Look at Occupation in the West Bank – and It’s Not a Pretty Sight

US, Russia Agree On Ceasefire In Southwest Syria

Episode: 4th of July Check-In

Promised myself I would be getting another episode up over this long week. The episode can be found here.

20 minute check in. Venting about healthcare media coverage, Chris Christie’s fat ass, and big government on the 4th of July.

NYT Finally Retracts Russia-gate Canard – Robert Parry

Rand Paul Teaches Reporter How Capitalism Works – YouTube

Infant Sentenced To Death By European Human Rights Court

CBO: No, seriously, the Senate bill cuts Medicaid spending

Iranian – Funded Terrorist Group (ISIS) Attacks Iranian Parliament 

ISIS raids Iranian parliament, and the US media and Saudi Arabia tries to sell Americans on Iran being the world’s largest supporter of terror. 

Anyone with a Wikipedia-level understanding of the Middle East knows that ISIS and Iran are enemies, and the US has been fighting WITH Iran in Iraq against ISIS.
Sorry FOX News, John McCain and Bill Kristol. 

The Attacks Won’t Stop. Pt. 2 – Blowback Edition 

The attacks won’t stop by changing profile photos and wishing it away. Realize your politicians have signed you up for this heartache by violently occupying the Middle East for over a century.

The response has been the growth of understandable revenge-seeking over the deaths of their children & families, and lose of their society, homes and country.
The outlet that is offered to radical religious terrorism which help fill that void and give purpose to their revenge.
The attacks won’t stop just because us Westerners want them too. Face the facts that your low price gas and ability to travel freely is built off the backbone of a violent imperialism.
So either put your foot down and refuse to go along with it anymore. Or don’t, and continue to pretend the “mean bad people” will eventually stop after enough bombs are dropped on their world.