The Overblown Reaction to the Boston Free Speech Rally

On this past Saturday, tens of thousands of people marched in Boston against “hate and bigotry”. Their plan was to march to Boston Commons and surround the “Free Speech Rally” which the media told them was going to be crawling with Nazis.

The original invite list did contain some speakers who could be considered “white nationalists”, Augustus Invictus for example. I believe Gavin McInnes’s “Proud Boys” and Cassandra Fairbanks were also supposed to show up and didn’t. If anything, these two could be considered “alt-right” for their denouncements of the Cultural Marxism takeover of US society, their views on Arab culture and their hate for establishment Republicans. But to use the word “Nazi” is just lazy.

The event coordinator told local news that “white nationalists” and “Nazis” were attempting to take over the rally, and that he denounced them wholly. After the event on Saturday, he put out a statement admitting that the event “fell apart” after the reaction to Charlottesville and the ridiculously inaccurate media coverage.

This is what I wanted to touch on.

On Saturday I spend most of the afternoon in my apartment, getting weekend stuff done. I decided to put on a Youtube live stream of the event, and I selected the CNN stream. The coverage was nauseating. The channel kept showing the huge crowd of counter-protesters marching to the Commons, selling this idea that they were on their way to another street fight. It was almost like the corporate media channel wanted violence to erupt for a ratings bump.

I would switch over to independent streams on the ground, watching these cameras walk through the crowd. Hearing people talk, it was as if this was a sport for them. They “couldn’t wait” to see some Nazis. I had a few laughs at their expense. The idea that 10-15 thousand people wasted their Saturday standing in a park waiting to virtue signal to their neighbors that they didn’t stand with Nazis….very satisfying.

As the day went on, things starting coming into view. Pictures of the “Nazis” began popping up on social media:


What a group of savages!

The faces of the people in the crowd surrounding the Commons began to change, from that of smugness to that of confusion. “Where are all the bad people?”. “I was told is would be fun!”. “How is anyone gonna know I’m a moral person if the bad people don’t show up?”.

This continued until everyone’s favorite terrorist group, Anitfa, showed up. They were greeted with cheers from the more ignorant parts of the crowd. Then they began their antics. Videos started coming out of bystanders getting punched in the head, a woman had her American flag stolen from her, reports from the cops of urine being thrown.

The faces of the morality warriors started to change again. “Why am I here?”. “I didn’t sign up for punching people..”. “Maybe I’m on the side of violent asshats…”

Turning on the TV after the event and finding cable news almost disappointed in the lack of right-wing violence and Nazis flags was great to see. The backpedaling of the race warriors & virtue signaling Twitter celebs was also satisfying.

The readers of the country won out this weekend! The Left embarrassed themselves in Boston on Saturday. The media was exposed for what they are. All the people who hitched their wagons to Antifa look like morons this morning.

I will leave you with this screen grab from the Antifa of Boston’s Twitter page:


Image source 12


“Anti-fascist” Temper Tantrums

​Pretty sure it’s the government’s role to try to fuck with the Bill of Rights. Not college students. If you hate the “alt-right”, the best way to deal with it is let it expose itself. Shutting down its events with violent riots (which are streamed on the Internet for all to see) make them look like the grownups. 

And the media’s attempt to ignore the fact that the violent authoritarianism and calls for disruption of peaceful society is coming from the left only discredits them even more. 
Trump will eventually crack down on the violent temper tantrums and he’ll be blamed for running a police state.
If you want to practice civil disobedience, do it peacefully (Women’s March, Science March, “Muslim” Ban March). Or if you want to get violent, go try throwing rocks at the White House. Keep sucker punching peaceful bystanders and destroying property and get ready for a long 8 years.
There is a reason Milo’s book got a 12,000% raise in presales. And it’s not because the amount of “Nazis” grew overnight.