“Anti-fascist” Temper Tantrums

​Pretty sure it’s the government’s role to try to fuck with the Bill of Rights. Not college students. If you hate the “alt-right”, the best way to deal with it is let it expose itself. Shutting down its events with violent riots (which are streamed on the Internet for all to see) make them look like the grownups. 

And the media’s attempt to ignore the fact that the violent authoritarianism and calls for disruption of peaceful society is coming from the left only discredits them even more. 
Trump will eventually crack down on the violent temper tantrums and he’ll be blamed for running a police state.
If you want to practice civil disobedience, do it peacefully (Women’s March, Science March, “Muslim” Ban March). Or if you want to get violent, go try throwing rocks at the White House. Keep sucker punching peaceful bystanders and destroying property and get ready for a long 8 years.
There is a reason Milo’s book got a 12,000% raise in presales. And it’s not because the amount of “Nazis” grew overnight.


Berkeley Liberals Shut Down Peter Theil Speech

Genius protesters decided to protest against the police state and the NSA during a speech by Paypal founder Peter Thiel. Thiel, a libertarian who supported the champion of civil liberties Ron Paul and founder of a company that bunks the “1%” central bankers by accepting Bitcoin very early on. But, what do closed minded liberals know?