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When It’s Trump, US Senators Can Publicly Discuss Treason

Harry Reid: CIA Should Give Donald Trump ‘Fake Intelligence Briefings’

I know everyone hates Trump, but this shows the state of affairs when the most corrupt shithead in Congress can say this publicly and no one cares.

Trump responses by saying he’ll replace intelligence advisors are president, which anyone who paid attention to foreign policy for last decade would say is a good idea.

Even when Trump has a good idea, Its fucked. Because Trump. Americans will happily had over the presidency to the most corrupt group of people on the planet out of fear of the unknown.


“At Least She Isn’t Trump”

Watching Trump speak all I kept thinking is his lack of a foreign policy is still less George W Bush-like than Hillary Clinton. The Democrat. Who “sensible” people will vote for. Literally wants to repeat the Iraq War in Syria. Still. Even after ISIS. Still wants to overthrow the secular government. Still wants to surround Russia and place more missiles in Eastern Europe.

Stay Home America 2016