Obama Daily Show Interview: DNC Emails Contents “Routine”

What a great liar he’s been. Interview video here

As a quick refresher, here’s what Obama called “routine”:

1.      DNC chairman Debbie Wasserman Schultz was caught red-handed trying to ensure Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders. The revelation resulted in her resignation from the DNC.

2.      Democrats planned to use Sanders’ religion against him, hoping Kentucky and West Virginia voters would oppose his based on his Jewish heritage.

3.      The Clinton camp mocked Catholic conservatives, suggesting they’re only pretending to be Catholic so as to win votes.

4.      CNN’s Donna Brazile was exposed leaking questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of a townhall event.

5.      Politico’s Glenn Thrush was caught sending articles to the Clinton campaign before publication, offering them a chance to edit his copy.

6.      Politico’s Kenneth Vogel was caught doing the same.

7.      CNBC’s John Harwood was caught asking John Podesta for an interview with Hillary, promising he wouldn’t ask her any hard questions.

8.      One DNC staffer said it was “fucking stupid” Obama wasn’t spending more time helping them raise money.

9.      DNC staffers treated their donors with repeated disrespect, sometimes referring to them as “clowns.” 

10. The DNC was caught violating FEC violating donation limits to non-multicandidate PACs. 

11. Other emails found DNC staffers mocking Hispanics, gays, and Republicans.

12. Perhaps most damning, one showed the DNC panicking after Obama claimed in an interview not to have known about Hillary’s secret server — as all parties were apparently aware this was untrue.

A Brokered Convention Could Mean A Wildcard for the GOP Nomination

An article over at the DailyCaller lays out the rules the RNC is considering if a brokered convention happens to be in everyone’s future. For example:

“So, using Iowa as an example, every candidate receiving at least four percent of the vote in the Iowa caucuses will earn one delegate, and thus be nominated for consideration at the Republican National Convention,” North Dakota National Committeeman Curly Haugland, a member of the RNC Rules Committee, told The Daily Caller Tuesday

Yes, this means Rand Paul can be nominated by the Kentucky delegation. Anyone watch House of Cards?

Rand Paul Ties Foreign Aid to Gay Rights

Per the Bloomberg article,

“I would think we’d give to a lot of countries that don’t have good records on gay rights,” Paul told me. “I mean, any Muslim country probably has an abysmal record. Obviously, I’m not a big fan of most aid to begin with, so would I tie aid to behavior? Absolutely. For example, I introduced an amendment in the foreign relations committee to not give aid to countries that will put people to death for changing your religion in interfaith marriage. I’d be happy to say, for countries that punish you for homosexuality, too. Do any of them put people to death for that in Muslim countries? I’d be happy to say no.”

Tunisian Terror Attack Suspects Trained in U.S. “Liberated” Libya

After NATO “liberated” the country by becoming the air force for the same extremists American fought in the Iraq War, the country of Libya has been a training ground for these types of guys. But remember what Hillary Clinton said:

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 1.09.30 PM

From AP:

The two gunmen who killed 21 people at a museum in Tunis trained in neighboring Libya before carrying out the deadly attack and were known to authorities, Tunisian security officials said Friday.

The attack at the National Bardo Museum Wednesday has raised concerns about the spread of extremism in North Africa and particularly in Tunisia — the only country to emerge from the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings with a functioning democracy.

In Case You Missed It: 16 Articles That Expose How They Lied Us Into War In Iraq

Last week the anniversary of Iraq War 2. In memory, Scott Horton of Antiwar.com put together a nice list of 16 articles written over the past decade and a half detailing the lies told at the time by the administration, media, foreign intelligence (Israel) and even the supposed “source” proving Saddam had a connection with Bin Laden. I suggest you take the time over morning coffee and read every word. The wild scene taking place in Middle East makes a lot more sense when you know all the planning that went into the shit-storm was based on lies and false intelligence.

Dan Sanchez of the Mises Academy and Medium.com compiled the list here.

NYT: CIA Funds to Corrupt Afghan Government End Up In Al Qaeda Pockets

In the spring of 2010, Afghan officials struck a deal to free an Afghan diplomat held hostage by Al Qaeda. But the price was steep — $5 million — and senior security officials were scrambling to come up with the money.

They first turned to a secret fund that theCentral Intelligence Agency bankrolled with monthly cash deliveries to the presidential palace in Kabul, according to several Afghan officials involved in the episode. The Afghan government, they said, had already squirreled away about $1 million from that fund.

Within weeks, that money and $4 million more provided from other countries was handed over to Al Qaeda, replenishing its coffers after a relentless C.I.A. campaign of drone strikes in Pakistan had decimated the militant network’s upper ranks.


That Awkward Moment When John “Enhanced Interrogation” Yoo Suggested the US Create ISIS

Thought it couldn’t hurt to pass this around. The below is a quote from an op-ed from the Los Angeles Times written by ex-Bush Justice Department lawyer John Yoo. The article discusses Mr. Yoo’s suggestion for dealing with Al Qaeda.

Another tool would have our intelligence agencies create a false terrorist organization. It could have its own websites, recruitment centers, training camps and fundraising operations. It could launch fake terrorist operations and claim credit for real terrorist strikes, helping to sow confusion within Al Qaeda’s ranks, causing operatives to doubt others’ identities and to question the validity of communications.

Still creepy as hell.

Washington To Arm Syrian Rebels With The Ability To Call In US Air Strikes

Dennis Kucinich in 2013 when interviewed about US aid to Syrian “moderate” rebels: “So what, we’re about to become Al Qaeda’s air force now?” It’s official.

The US is planning to train some 5000 Syrian fighters a year under the plan as part of an effort to strengthen the fractured rebel movement against the government of President Bashar al-Assad and extremist groups.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the initial training would focus on helping rebels hold ground and resist fighters allied with the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

 The first training sessions are to last between six and eight weeks. The training will focus on helping the rebel forces hold territory and counter Islamic State fightersnot to take on the Syrian army.

 Four to six-man units will be equipped with rugged Toyota Hilux vehicles, GPS and radios so they can identify targets for airstrikes. “The way we envision it, it would be very similar to Kobane,” a senior military official told the newspaper.

So the ousting of Bashar al-Assad from Syria on behalf of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar and their oil pipeline interests is more important than NOT aiding rebels groups allied with ISIS and Al Qeada (or Al Nusra), or aiding rebel groups that will hand over these weapons to these groups. The vetting process for these “moderate” rebels is a jokes and has been debunked multiple times.

This is treason. The butchers of New York, the planners and cheerleaders of 9/11 are now given the power to call in American B-1B bombers.


Progressive Hero Elizabeth “Get the Bankers” Warren Comes Out Again the Latest “Audit the Fed” Bill

You’re doing it wrong Wall Street crusader. This just shows how little the progressive side of the anti-Wall Street crowd understands central banking, and who runs that central bank (Hint: It’s Wall Street). Hilarious in its depression.

 Warren states: “But I oppose the current version of this bill because it promotes congressional meddling in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions, which risks politicizing those decisions and may have dangerous implications for financial stability and the health of the global economy.”

Yes, because the Fed’s monetary policy decisions of the last 100+ years haven’t been politicized (lower interest rates to pay for wars, housing bubbles, wasteful spending, bailouts to Wall Street). The board of the Fed is run by ex-Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Chase executives. Hell, the bank was founded by members of JP Morgan Chase and other banking interesting in 1913 (Creature from Jekyll Island). Yes, a privately owned bank lending dollars to the American government. That sounds like a progressive’s nightmare. But they seem to like it. They always have. Ask Woodrow Wilson.