T.D.S – I Guess I’m a Russian Agent

This episode was supposed to be a measured, calm dissection of Donald Trump’s trip through Europe and his summit with Putin in Finland. However, the last 24 hours in the American media and throughout the social media universe has completely made me go insane. Watching and listening to the Left (and my friends) parrot the War Party’s propaganda is really the last straw for me. These people are completely out of their minds.

The ability for the same think-tankers, TV “experts”, mainstream journalists and pundits to recycle their same, tired narrative that this boogeyman is the worst of all the boogeyman continues to shock me.

In 2018, with the access to enough information to be informed, or at least to build some skills in critical thinking, it’s amazing that when it is laid out in front of them what a “Neocon” is, what the last 30 years of Russian/US relations looks like, that the push for war with Russia is absolutely a bi-partisan policy, the lemmings STILL refuse to acknowledge these facts. Or are able to mold their views within reality.

This is dangerous stuff. And to see my bleeding-heart buddies saying things like “The President MUST support OUR intelligence community” or “Russia is our adversary”, it’s clear that T.D.S. is real, and rational thought has left American political discussion.

All that is left to save us is Tucker Carlson and his nursing home audience:



This is How You Get Four More Years of Trump

This is how you get four more years of Trump. Act like an angry mob filled with convenient and selective outrage. Violence and threats are definitely the answer too.

People will get tired of the hypocrisy coming out of your mouths, the way you go about your “protest” (bullying, politically motivated threats and violence), and most importantly your inability to act rationally when faced with new information, alternative views or, and this will be the worse:

Someone who’s views are consistent.

I see this with true liberals being called “alt-right” for supporting free speech or Trump’s summit with North Korea. Just because now it’s Trump and the Red Team

You are seeing this with immigration now. I feel horrible for this policy that is playing out. But I’m straight tired of hearing about the outrage and inhumanity of this policy from people who never stepped foot on a public sidewalk to protest ANYTHING during the last 8 years. It swings back and forth.

This immigration issue isn’t new. It hasn’t just appeared with Trump. Just the media coverage has started. He talks about it more. Immigration is part of his platform.

But horrible shit has been going on. Not in secret. If you cared two years ago, you would have researched it.

If you seem to clutch your pearls about an issue just around the time Anderson Cooper starts talking about it, people are gonna see through you.

There is a large community of consistent, principled people (with different principles) who are drowned out by the mobs of angry, tribal, emotional know-nothings.

This leads to a breakdown in discourse. Only in that setting is the hypocrisy of supporting a private business owner from refusing service to Sanders because you literately shake all day because Trump is president, while demanding a bigoted business owner bake a cake left unchallenged. Better yet, I’m a racist and a homophobic person just for pointing out a logical fallacy.

Can’t have it both ways, unless you’re a hypocrite. And that gets old after 4 years of screaming bloody murder.

NOTE: Personal Stance on I.C.E – Abolish ICE since 2007.

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Trump’s First Pitch

This post is very delayed and might fail to be current, but I wanted to make sure my Steemit audience was aware that there was a new episode of The Voluntary Exchange Podcast put out over a week ago.

I have been very busy personally, and because of that I have not be mentally focused enough be in the frame of mind to research and discuss large scale humanitarian stories like the ones that need covering.

This episode is called “Trump’s First Pitch” and the majority of is my thoughts on the summit between Trump and North Korea’s Kim. And the shockingly confusing response from the media.

Most of the research I did have time to dive into had to do with Israel, Gaza, and the recent March of Return and bloody response from Israel. It allowed to be spend some time reiterating my position, discuss the facts of the events and provide more context and sources for anyone that wishes to expand their knowledge of the subject. I have included two examples of MUST READS (and watches) and the current state of Israeli society and life on the ground in Gaza:

I spend a few minutes discussing the ongoing deal making in Syria, and update you on the horrors taking place in the forgotten land of Yemen.


This episode can be found here. The full archive can be found on Podomatic and on ITunes.


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Peace Breaks Out

We now have a streak. Two times in the last month that major geopolitical events have taken place while I slept. Waking up, eating breakfast, driving to the office and THEN finding out that the Korean War had ended. What a weird feeling. Like the I say in the episode, I felt like America should have been off of work and there should have been a parade.

The leaders of both North and South Korea agreed in principal to end the 70 year conflict, signaling a watershed moment in the region. While the motives of the North remain a mystery, I personally could give a shit. The leaders agreed to halt all cross-border propaganda, the North will suspend all nuke tests and begin closing sites, the Red Cross will be allowed to reunite families, and the Koreas declared that the peninsula would be “completely denuclearization”. All this with Kim saying that no American troops need to leave the region!

Now, if only half of what I mentioned above actually takes place (nukes coming first), this is an amazing event and a slow clap is in order for Donald J. Trump

In this episode I also dive into the Sergei Skripal poisoning. An event I didn’t pay attention to initially, and one that I’m far from done reading up on. From the small amount I’ve gotten into so far, the narrative out of the West is bunk and is suspect as soon as the name Christopher Steele shows up.


The episode link can be found here. The full episode archive can be found on Podomatic and on ITunes.

Bombs Dropped, Sun Rises – A Push for War – Part II

Good morning…..

I went to sleep last night very early, around 9. I woke up two hours later for some reason, and found myself up until 3am watching the United States drop missiles on Damascus. Fortunately for everyone, the strike was minimal. No Syrian military or government buildings were hit, nothing Iranian or Russian. So I closed my eyes for a few, and decided at 7:15 this morning to get my thoughts down on tape.

This episode is a short twenty minute reaction to Trump’s strikes, and what the small scale of his “response” to the “chemical attack” means from all sides. There are positive and negatives here, we just need to see what side wins out this time.


The episode can be found here. All episodes are on Podomatic and on ITunes.

Another Push for War

I recorded this episode this past Sunday, after spending a weekend “off the grind” so to speak. I was not aware of the most recent chemical attack in Douma, Syria. The spin was out on Sunday, and I recorded by thoughts that night.

It is a two part episode. I discuss the real reason behind the US/Russia conflict in Syria, its background, and how the invasion of Iraq in 2003 got us here. I touch on John Bolton and the others pushing us to war (again). And I plead with the American people not to buy this one.

I’ll have another episode coming at the end of the week. I want to let this situation play out a bit, but it does seem like we are headed for a real conflict in Syria.

Dangerous times.


Episode link

The full episode list can be found on Podomatic and ITunes.


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The Voluntary Exchange Podcast: Vietnamese Takeout & Political Musings

I haven’t recorded in awhile, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been paying attention. I couldn’t wait any longer without the topics turning from news to history, so this recording takes place while I drive to pick up dinner.

In this episode, I hit on the following topics in no particular order.

  • Gun Control
  • Trump’s week
  • Hysteria of domestic politics
  • The breaking up of Syria
  • Israeli House of Cards


Episode can be found here, with the full archive on Podomatic and ITunes.

Discussion: Would “Russiagate” Liberals Balk at a Trump/Putin Peace Deal?

I was listening to Scott Horton on the way to my 9-5 this morning and he laid out a policy move for Trump that I believe most rational people would applaud. Then I realized rationality has been thrown out the door since Trump became president.

Scott Horton.jpg

Everyone is a “Russian agent” nowadays. As the New York Times reporter Michelle Goldberg wrote in her recent “investigative” article (one that she has since admitted was bullshit), not only is anyone that points out the huge holes in the Russia story are agents of Putin, but also any historically conservative organizations that supported Trump: like the NRA.

With this in mind, back to Horton’s proposal. Scott suggests the following:

Donald Trump invites Putin to D.C., he tells Billy Kristol and the Democrats to go fly a kite and signs a peace deal over Syria AND sign a nuclear agreement deescalating the build up of nuclear weapons.

Now, I’m not saying that this is possible in the current climate or with the American Empire as it is. That is not the point of this exercise.

The question I am proposing for discussion is: What do you believe the establishment reaction to Trump doing this would be? What would Rachel Maddow, Jake Tapper and MSNBC’s reaction be? Are they so hysterical that they would look at it as “treason” or some other disloyal move by Trump? Or would they snap out of whatever cognitive dissidence allows them to hold the moral high ground and support the Deep State at the same time?

Looking to see what you guys think!

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A Year in Review – 2017


2017 was a landmark year. Most people will say that is because of the election of Donald Trump. For me, it was the year that I realized that discussing politics had become almost impossible. The election of Trump allowed the emotional masses their opportunity to express their opinions, and man did it muddy the waters.

The reaction to Trump’s election forced me to disconnect from friends, shut down by Facebook, and retreat to simply providing my perspective letting people do with it as they please. Steemit helped me out in a major way, as the political discussions here are civil and based in facts (mostly). Getting screamed at by friends who hadn’t spent more than 15 minutes in the last 8 years reading up on a political story, or educating themselves on some belief they have.

Anyway, this episode is my opinion on what were the important things to take from this year. The list below contains some of what is covered:

  • Russia/Deep State “Scandal”
  • Irrationality of the Anti-Trumpers
  • Alt-Right/SJWs
  • The rise of cryptocurrency

I hope you enjoy the episode and here’s to a happy and healthy 2018!


Episode can be found here…The full episode archive can be found here and on ITunes.

The Voluntary Exchange Podcast: News In Traffic

This week was chaos for me. Recorded the episode in Saturday instead of Friday evening. However, being stuck in hours of traffic coming back a hike put my schedule at risk. So this episode was recorded on my phone, while sitting in traffic on the highway for 45 minutes.

I discuss how little I care about Trump’s speech, the small chance of nuclear war with North Korea, and Referendum Week with Catalonia and The Kurds. I hit on other small stories from this week, like Weiner going to prison.

Episode link here.

Full podcast archives can be found here. The podcast can also be downloaded from ITunes on any of the podcast apps you use.